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Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama: The Best Online Marketing Course?

Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama?

If you ever plan to build an online business, you’ll likely stumble across this question. After all, they are some of the most recommended online marketing trainings on the internet.

But you don’t need both to succeed. As a member of both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, I decided to put both on a scale to learn which one is the best.

Let’s find out below!

Wealthy Affiliate - Website

Wealthy Affiliate

An online marketing training created by entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson in 2005, designed to help you build a successful online business through affiliate marketing.

Visit Wealthy Affiliate

Affilorama - Website


Founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade – this online marketing training aims to provide step-by-step lessons for affiliate marketers to start their business on the internet.

Visit Affilorama

First of all, let’s quickly look at these two programs at a glace. Here’s a comparison table of the top features of both online courses.

Wealthy Affiliate
Is it easy to get help?
Can you contact the owners?
Is there a live chat?
Is there step-by-step training?
Are free websites included?
Can you try for free?
Is there a keyword research tool?
Do I recommend this?
Overall Rating
9.5 out of 10
5 out of 10

That said, to truly do Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama justice, we need to go over every aspects that differentiate these top services such as



Affilorama has three separated trainings

Free lessons, a walkthrough of all the basics to affiliate marketing
Premium training, advance videos and magazines
AffiloBlueprint, more lessons on niche marketing, SEO and PPC.

Affilorama’s training is designed to help you build an online business from scratch by promoting products from ClickBank.

The first lessons gives you a full overview of the online and affiliate marketing world, from content creation to SEO.

For Premium members, you have additional access to Affilorama’s Premium magazine. As of today, they only have Issue 1 (downloadable PDF of over 150 pages) on the topic of blog monetization.

Affilorama - Premium Membership

You also have access to Affilorama Vault with recorded webinars by Mark Ling that details affiliate marketing, email marketing as well as free and paid traffic methods. Considering Affilorama has 10 years behind them though, their Premium resources are rather slim with only one magazine issue and 19 videos.

AffiloBlueprint, purchased separately, offers 13 more lessons and 85 videos but you still have to upgrade to Premium for support.

While Affilorama’s lessons are in-depth, they have not been updated in a while (the online marketing world moves fast). As a matter of fact, here are some seriously outdated information you need to know:

You should never repost Private Label Rights articles from Affilorama. Not only are they short and of low-quality, your site risks of being penalized from search engines for duplicate contents.

A few has noted that Affilorama’s backlink strategies are outdated. You should always focus on building natural links, instead of manipulating search engines.

Mark Ling puts little emphasis on content creation, which is now at the heart of SEO. As Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team puts it, you need to “write useful articles that readers will love”.

Affilorama encourages promoting products from ClickBank. Most of these are of very poor quality. In every business, it’s key to only sell (or promote) products you love.

Success stories on Affilorama

To be fair, I’ve found a couple of success posts within Affilorama’s forum but they are from 1 – 2 years ago.

Then again, I don’t think it’s a “success” when you put profit over people (by promoting low-quality products from ClickBank).

As my friend Tom puts it.

In the long run, you will make more money if you run your business in an ethical manner.

Sure, you can scam people and get a few sales. Those people you scam will not come back and buy from you again.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers a 5 level course for beginners and intermediate online marketers.

Level 1: Getting Started
Level 2: Building your Own Traffic Producing Website
Level 3: Making Money!
Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement
Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success through Content Creation

Each of these courses are cut down into 10 lessons (accompanied with videos) intended for you to follow on a day-to-day basis.

Wealthy Affiliate - Training Level 1

What’s so great about these trainings is how interactive they are with checklists at the end of each lessons to remind you of the tasks you need to complete.

Wealthy Affiliate - Training Checklist

Wealthy Affiliate also made sure supports is at your fingertips by adding a comment section for any questions. Despite the fact that there are over 100k comments, you’ll still receive a quick reply since all questions are featured on Wealthy Affiliates’ homepage.

Unlike most online marketing courses on the market, Wealthy Affiliate is well up-to-date within the SEO world and only promotes white hat SEO techniques that focuses on content creation.

A concept that SEO experts agreed to be the number one way to rank on search engines today.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin
Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.

Teaching your customers and giving your customers the resources to believe you is new marketing. They become a fan of yours because you teach them something that makes them feel better about the world.

Success stories on Wealthy Affiliate

I’d like to share some of my results as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

I created a viral post that’s shared over 690 times… by guys like Jon Morrow. No less! Ultimately, here’s my first sale.

Wealthy Affiliate - Anh Nguyen First Sale

However my results are humbled by my peers like college student Edy Chandra, who made up to 4 figures in 10 just over months.

Wealthy Affiliate - Edy Chandra Earnings

And Dom even achieved his dreams of working on his own terms from just about anywhere, any time (a morning Maui in this case).

Wealthy Affiliate - Dom Dreams Come True

I’m not gonna lie, it takes a lot of work to achieve any of these results. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training (with a few shortcuts), but it’s not magic.

Community and support


Affilorama has a large community of hundreds of thousands online marketers whom you can interact with in the forums which already has over 110,202 posts as of today.

However many of them are new and free members so you can’t expect a lot of help from them. To compensate, Affilorama has a team of over 20 active staffs to answer your questions.

It’s important to note that although Affilorama’s community looks big on the outside, the majority of it’s members are inactive.


Because Affilorama used to be popular but it has dimmed significantly over the years. Nowadays, there are only a couple of active users at a time (excluding search engine bots). Gone is the time when Affilorama sees hundreds of users online.

Affilorama - Forum Statistics

Adding that to the fact that old school forums doesn’t encourage quick interactions, you can’t expect fast replies. Some posts even take weeks to see an answer.

Site owner, Mark Ling can sometimes drop a message here and there so you’re unlikely to hear him at all. His latest answers actually dated back in 2014.

It’s understandable that he’s busy, though, considering the amounts of projects he has, from “Jamorama” to “Rocket Piano”.

On the subject of Mark Ling, there has been reports of him sending promotional emails of products he doesn’t own to the Affilorama members including “Profit Academy” by Anik Singal and the “OMG Machines” (a high-end SEO product at over $6,000).

Affilorama Complaint 01

Affilorama Complaint 02

It’s simply unethical to send affiliate links to your customers.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is at least 9 times more popular than Affilorama.

In fact, up to 6,500 people search for the keyword “wealthy affiliate” every month, compared to only 730 for “affilorama”.

Affilorama Keyword Research

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research

So it’s no surprise that Wealthy Affiliate’s feed looks like this

Wealthy Affiliate - Activity Feed

At Wealthy Affiliate, you never has to worry about dullness or inactivity. All your questions are answered within 10 minutes by other members.

Or you can always contact the site owners Kyle and Carson.

You may think that “well, not like they’ll answer me.” On the contrary, they are very involved and often go out of their ways to chat with you.

Wealthy Affiliate - Chat with Kyle

The community and support are one of the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask questions or chat away anywhere, whether it’s on the courses, blogs, Live Chat or Private Message.

The social aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is so crucial because, like starting any new adventures, you don’t want to be on your own.

You’d want to know someone has your back and shares the journey.

Wealthy Affiliate - Chris Comments

Wealthy Affiliate - Pierre Comments

Wealthy Affiliate - PJ Comments



Although Affilorama has a free membership, it’s loaded with complicated upsells ranging from $60 to $500

Premium Membership for $67 per month, includes basic training and limited hosting.
AffiloTools for free (with upgrades), analysis tools specifically designed for online marketers.
AffiloBlueprint for $197 one-time, more advanced training on SEO and keyword research. No support unless you are a Premium.
AffiloJetpack for $497 one-time, a build-for-you online business where you will be promoting Mark Ling’s products for commissions. Not available as of March 2016.

It goes without saying that if Affilorama has upgrades, there bound to be a few product promotions within it. They are not wrong though, it’s great to have all your training, tools and community in one place.

Affilorama - Memberships and Products

Adding up the costs of all these upsells, you’ll have to spend over $1,500 your first year for full access…!

I wouldn’t complain if Affilorama’s service was as high-end as it’s price. But with the outdated trainings they offer, it’s kind of a rip-off.

One more thing. there is a product that I absolutely do not recommend, AffiloJetpack. This is a build-for-you package to help you promote Mark Ling’s product and earn a commission as an affiliate. You will have access to

  • 3 ebooks for give-away purpose
  • 15 email series
  • 20 Private Label Rights articles

These are all duplicated contents that has been posted online by several members of the AffiloJetpack. Search engines have grown extremely good at detecting quality content, so attempting to repost these will only get your site penalized, even completely removed from search engine’s index.

This outdated and bad practice may have worked back in 2010, but now it’s the shortest road to prevent your business from taking off at all.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has two simple membership plans

Wealthy Affiliate - Memberships

If you are new to online marketing, the free Starter membership is ideal for you to experience Wealthy Affiliate. For the first 7 days you’ll have access to all Premium features, then you’re limited to

  • Only access the first course,
  • No access to Live Chat,
  • No access to most tools like SiteComments & SiteFeedback.

Something to note is you can’t host your own domain name (i.e. Bloggingthing.com) with a free membership.

If you are only a little serious about building an online business with your website, I highly recommend you to at least buy yourself a domain name within Wealthy Affiliate. Because any later changes to a your-site.com may cause your site to drop ranks within search engines.

While it’s much harder to make money from Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership, it gives you a lot of space and time to test the platform to see if this is the right place for you.

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is a full access to the best online marketing community on the internet via Live Chat, blogs and more – everything you need to build a successful business online. Other key features are:

  • Personal support from Kyle and Carson,
  • Full control over up to 50 websites,
  • Access to all tools.

Other opinions

I’ve asked other members from Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama what they think about each services.

Here’s what they are saying.

Johnny Santiago

Johnny Santiago
Affilorama is a great place to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

I have been a member of Affilorama since 2013. There are so many free in-depth lessons and tools to help you in your business. There is also a great community in the forum. The support team in Affilorama are the best. They are very helpful and will answer your question or concern very quickly. I recommend it for newbies and advanced marketers alike.
My name is Justine, 10 years ago I was a member of Affilorama, I felt that I had found a very legitimate course at the time and I followed all the tutorials to a tee. With the help of all the training I managed to put together what I thought was a great site, unfortunately that site never made any kind of income. I did get traffic but never any comments. I put in hours and hours of time but felt it was going nowhere very quickly.

A few years later I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate, I now have a very successful online business that I am very proud of. There is no comparison to the support , one on one coaching as well as a community like no other I have ever come across online. I have made friends here, and am just starting my next website now…

I know that without Wealthy Affiliate I would be nowhere near where I am today.
I’ve been with Affilorama for a year before switching to Wealthy Affiliate and boy, what I wouldn’t give to discover Wealthy Affiliate earlier!

Both courses are great lesson-wise but at Affilorama, you need to pay more in order to learn more, you need to pay for web hosting, you won’t get a free website builder, not a even a keyword tool.

At Wealthy Affiliate though, you get all of those complementary and even more as a member without any upsells but what I love the most, is the warm community of people just as enthusiastic as we are. Really makes you feel like family.
Here are some reasons I think sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from Affilorama:

1. Comparing the price of Wealthy Affiliate against Affilorama, the monthly premium fee of Wealthy Affiliate ($49) is cheaper than Affilorama ($67 per month), plus Wealthy Affiliate does not have upsells (meaning you can get access to everything within Wealthy Affiliate) whilst Affilorama has several upsells which totals to approximately $800.

2. I would say that the support level for both programs are good, but Wealthy Affiliate is exceptional. I normally get a response from the Wealthy Affiliate community within minutes.

3. The course contents in Wealthy Affiliate are always up to date, and if it isn’t, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate will spent the time to update them as soon as possible. In Affilorama, I see a lot of outdated content which is outdated, and may be detrimental to your business if applied.

Don’t get me wrong, both programs are awesome, but one has an edge against the other. Feel free to check them out and share your comments here.

P.S. I have done a review on both programs and you can check them out on my site.
Throughout the years I’ve worked with numerous online business training platforms that have eventually crumbled due to “outdated” training and tools not kept in line with current internet marketing trends.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2013, I have never looked back because I love everything about the community. Training courses and tools are freshly updated, live help and support is on tap 24/7, the community is very friendly, not to mention we are all ONE happy family who push one another up the ladder to success, AND you can always expect a quick response from Kyle and Carson (the co-founders) if you need further assistance.

Without all of these aspects combined, I would not be the successful blogger and online business owner I am today! I’m at Wealthy Affiliate to stay!
I think a LOT of Wealthy Affiliate and am excited how much I have learned and been able to implement concerning Affiliate Marketing.

Without Wealthy Affiliate, I do not think I would have gotten anywhere at all in regards to an at home online business.

I feel like Wealthy affiliate is super for beginners and helps you with a huge learning curve, but, I would like to see more training after the initial course, like landing pages, funnels, how to get leads and networking content with others.

I appreciate the helpful and friendly community so much and love the communication with others such as myself.
If I had to sum up Wealthy Affiliate concisely, I would say this: Wealthy Affiliate and the people involved changed my life.

This isn’t a gimmick, or a get rich quick scheme. Commission based marketing takes work, dedication, consistency and passion.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you will succeed. Everyone’s timeline is different, but one thing is for certain: Success will come to those that persist. Thanks for reading and may God bless you on your journey.

Which one wins?

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama - Comparison

Affilorama has a lot of potentials, but essentially failed at staying relevant and engaging.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate never stops innovating over the decade. You’ll know from the moment you step into Wealthy Affiliate that Kyle and Carson gave it their all.

Whether it’s the training, one-of-a-kind tools or community, you’ll find something there to love.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to build a sustainable online business. Who knows, it might just be what you need to change your life. 🙂

Feel free to ask me anything about Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama in the comments, I’ll try my best to answer!

Ready to start an online business? Check out my recommended resources.

Anh Nguyen is a blogger and minimalist who's crazy about design and content quality. Learn more about him here, or connect with him on Twitter.

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  1. I think this is really a nice post. I got many new things to learn. I wasn’t knowing about the Affilorama but I came to know about it through your post. So thanks for sharing your valuable post with us.

    • Aww, thanks Puspendu. 😉 I’m glad you learn something new from the post.

  2. Laurie Hurd


    I am newbies in affiliate marketing so am stuck at which one is suitable for me Affilorama or Welathy Affiliate. Can I promote clickbank product with my website to joining wealthy affiliate marketing.

    I just developing my first website on Tech niche, Suggest me how to make money from it.

    • Hey Laurie, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money, and you can promote any products you want, including ClickBank. It’s great to hear that you’ve already have a website in the Tech niche! I suggest you sign up for a free account at WA to see the possibilities of making money from your blog. 😉

      Let me know if you have anymore questions.

      All the best,

  3. Dear Anh,
    Thanks so much for your review of Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama. I have already begun the program (free for the next couple of days / but WILL sign up for premium membership) with WA. And it’s so good to know that I made the right choice.

    • Hey there Kathleen, I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying WA! Oh and feel free to give me a shout of WA if you have any questions. My username is “Anh”. 😀

  4. Jdoo

    Great comparison Anh, thanks for your time in preparing this. I guess the winner appears hands down to be Wealthy Affiliate.

    In your experience, how easy is it to get started in either of these systems? Especially in Wealthy Affiliate, since I think that’s the way I’m leaning now.

    Any advice for starting out?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Jdoo, the best way t o start with Wealthy Affiliate is to follow the courses (by clicking on the Get started here button on the top left). Kyle will walk you through everything you need to do including how to use Wealthy Affiliate and interact in the community. 🙂

  5. Kevin

    This was a very informative article.

    I like how you differentiated between the pros and cons of both programs. It is obvious which program is better, but I like how you gave the other site a chance.

    I happen to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am loving every second of it. It provides you with everything you will ever need to know about starting an online business.

    Thank you for the information.


    • Anh Nguyen

      Kevin, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Affilorama is not a bad program at all. If Mark Ling is more dedicated it would have been a great product, in my opinion. 🙂

  6. Dayle

    I have been trailing through so many WA and Affilorama reviews and have found yours to be incredibly in-depth. I am considering becoming a member and feel that remaining current and now is so necessary in affiliate marketing. So think I will definitely go with WA after reading this.

    Can you tell me though, have you actually been a member of both programs?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Dayle, I’m glad the review was helpful to you! I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and have tried Affilorama’s Premium for the sake of this review. 🙂

  7. wunderkindonsulting

    Thanks for your review on Wealthy Affiliate. I believe that WA really does provide it’s members with all of the tools, information, and support they need to be successful at a fair and reasonable price. I appreciate the step by step walkthrough that WA has to offer, and it is definitely my affiliate program of choice! Best of luck to you!

    • Anh Nguyen

      I couldn’t agree with you more, WA is one of the best programs I’ve had the chance of using. 🙂

  8. Davby

    I can’t speak for Affilorama as I have never been a member, but I joined Wealthy Affiliate late last year and I am so glad I did.
    I’ve learnt an incredible amount in my time there, and it doesn’t stop when the classes or courses are over. Everyday I’m still picking up new skills as I build my online business.
    I highly recommend to anyone who isn’t 100% sure, to just give WA a try, sign up for the free trail and see what you think.

  9. Carroll

    Hi there Anh, It sure sounds like you have your act together. I like your comparison but have to admit I never heard of Affilorama before. It doesn’t sound like something I would be interested in. I have been checking out online businesses and Wealthy Affiliate looks like a good choice. I need to look harder at this blogging thing, have a great day!

    • Anh Nguyen

      Carroll, Wealthy Affiliate certainly is a good choice to learn online marketing. When I started, I was having a hard time choosing from Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama and others were asking me about it too, hence I though it was a good idea to finally give it a try. 🙂

  10. Barry

    Hi Tom,

    I see the difference between the two programs and I think I like WA better. The support and the ability to contact the owners is a big plus.

    I also can get a good feel for WA with the free seven day free trial that actually lets you experience what it is before you buy it.

    What is your experience with it?



    • Anh Nguyen

      Barry, unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to try Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium trial since I’m from Vietnam. But after the purchase I have to say I’m more than satisfied!

  11. Hi Anh,

    You have done a comprehensive comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliorama. The conclusion speaks for itself that Wealthy Affiliate is better in term of value for money, continues updating and stay relevant in the internet marketing business. There is also great community support and interaction among members second to none that I know of. In my 6 months with Wealthy Affiliate, I am now more knowledgeable and have a better understanding about blogging, scam online and social media. Prior to joining WA, after attending a 2 hour free seminar locally, I almost sign up at the cost of SGD 4,000 for 3 days workshop that promise to enable me to earn 5k to 10k per month.

    • Kelsey, I’m so glad to hear you found Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve gotten to one of those expensive seminars by Ewen Chia. And the truth is you can make that much of money but usually nowhere as fast as the instructors seems to claim. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  12. Chris

    It’s more than a little worrying that Affilorama are pushing out PLR articles – these haven’t worked for several years (well, they may work after an article spinner but they would be poor quality).

    I’m also surprised that the backlink lessons they teach are so dangerous – surely everyone knows the penalty these days?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Chris, for intermediates maybe. But it can be very bad for starters if they believe they can succeed with PLR articles and backlink methods mentioned by Affilorama.

  13. Chris

    Hi Anh

    Thanks for such a thorough review between Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliorama. So it seems like Affiliorama is pretty much inactive. Does that also reflect in the content being outdated? After reading it seems to me that Wealthy Affiliate would be the obvious choice if one needs to learn about affiliate marketing


    • Anh Nguyen


      Unfortunately, Affilorama’s inactivity does reflect in both it’s community and courses. One thing that’s great about them is their dedicated staffs, I’ve sent a long list of things they could improve on as mentioned in the post and they were nice enough to answer me thoroughly. I’ll update this post soon with the new information.



  14. Rodney

    Hi Anh,

    Thank you for your post about Wealthy Affiliate vs affilorama. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I endorse your comments about WA. I was amazed that there are 6500 search the keyword Wealthy Affiliate per month compared to only 730 for Affilorama. It shows that there is great interest in WA. Thanks again for a quality post!

    • Anh Nguyen

      My pleasure, Rodney! Wealthy Affiliate is the kind of community that makes you feel proud to be a part of. 🙂

  15. jazzy323

    Wow, this is really a great article as it compares Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama succesfully by going through everything from the level of help provided to the success stories. I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate provides way more benefits and is the ideal foundation into affiliate marketing. Well done on this great review!

    • Anh Nguyen

      Jazzy, I hope you learnt something new from the review. Thanks a bunch for the kind words!

  16. Kevin

    This article was very informative and quite interesting as well.

    It was refreshing to see you reference other programs in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate. It was nice to see the pros and cons of each program.

    I, personally, happen to be a Wealthy Affiliate member but it is nice to see what everyone else offers.


    • Anh Nguyen

      Kevin, it’s definitively fun to see what kind of products there are in the marketplace. 🙂

  17. Roopesh

    Hi Anh

    I thank you for this comparison.

    If you can allow me to add my 2 cents to this case.

    I joined Affiliorama a while back as well, and after having found Wealthy Affiliate, I can’t look at any other program.

    WA is top-notch,I love it and since I have joined, not a day has gone by without login in and doing something.

    I am addicted to WA…..



    • Anh Nguyen

      Roopesh, ha ha! I can relate to your addiction to Wealthy Affiliate, I also frequent it everyday. It’s great to have such motivating community to rely on. 😉

  18. What a great post. I too have signed up to Wealthy Affiliate and like, many others I guess you sit here thinking if you have made the right decision and if there are other options out there but based on your post it looks like we have made the right decision. A lot of work has gone into this post. Well done. Keep up the good work and the revenue will come flooding in!

  19. Peter

    Thank you Anh for the excellent article. I found it to be a very thorough, helpful and informative. The charts and comparisons make it easy to be well informed on the pros and cons or the 2 programs in question. And the additional comments from user I found very interesting to read. Certainly looks like I have made the right choice in joining Wealthy Affiliate. I wasn’t actually aware there was a similar option available like Affilorama. Are there many other similar programs out there aside from these two main ones?

    By the way, I really like your website layout and design.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Thanks Peter! There are a lot of online marketing courses out there, but as far as I know, there weren’t much that can compare to Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama. I’ll be blogging about it if I found anything interesting.



  20. An honour to be featured in your blog Anh! Bloggingthing is one of the rising players in the blogging/ internet marketing niche and I foresee a huge growth in the near future. I hope that we can work together again next time and I would be ecstatic to have you on my next big blog post as well. Wishing you the best of luck on your online career man, cheers!

    • Wow Riaz, that’s the most flattering compliment I’ve received. I’d love to have more chances to work with you as well, as a friend and fellow blogger. 😉 Thanks again for making my day!


  21. Louis

    Hi Anh,

    Thanks for your detailed sharing and comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Afflorama. I did come across these 2 platforms and honestly I do think they both have goods and bads. Nothing is perfect. But it’s only about which one is more helpful to your business growth. I will agree with your conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate should be a better choice overall.



    • Anh Nguyen


      I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are certainly one of the best online marketing trainings out there.



  22. Tanaquillo

    Hi Anh,

    Great post! I hope anyone considering starting out with affiliate marketing settles on Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s a big problem in the affiliate marketing industry that most education and training is out of date. The Web changes so fast. What works one day can change in the twinkling of a Google update… But there’s no excuse for profiting from an out of date product.

    To me, it sounds like Affilorama is stuck in the past. Emphasising Clickbank products (we share an opinion on these!) and PLR is crazy and completely ignores everything Google has told us about the importance of high quality content. We need to respect our readers, give them interesting, meaty and original content and inform them of good quality products, not lame ones…

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your review (particularly the quotes).



    • Anh Nguyen

      Aww, Cath. Thanks for sharing! It’s true that as a service, it’s no excuse to not develop to fit customers needs over time. Especially when Affilorama is even more costly than Wealthy Affiliate.

      I think providing great content to your readers is also important as it gives much more value to your time and efforts. I always love sharing others’ opinion as we are so diverse, so to help readers have a broader view on the subject.



  23. Chris

    I’m actually in the lucky position to have tried both of these out in my online career… but Wealthy Affiliate made me stay (I’ve been working online full time for 4 years now because of their education).

    Don’t get me wrong – they BOTH have cons, but WA just manages to scrape over the line first!

    • Anh Nguyen

      Chris, sounds like you are even more of a perfectionist than me! I’m glad you’ve found the training program for you. 🙂

  24. David

    I’ve heard about Affilorama before and have seen recommendations and publicity for it. It’s great to see a review that provides a side by side comparison with Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate it that you don’t suggest Affilorama is a scam, but provide objective comparisons which help intelligent readers to make up their own mind which is the best product for them.

    • Anh Nguyen

      David, I try my best to give readers the most informational reviews possible and I’m so glad it came though! I hope you learnt something new from the post. 😀

  25. Thanks for a really balanced review of these two products. I am keen to get an affiliate marketing business up and running, and I think you’ve given a fair representation of two potential programs to do this. I think after reading all the feedback you have included, I would definitely lean towards Wealthy Affiliate. For me it sounds like it has the edge in terms of support and learning. I appreciate you sharing this and it’s a great way to present these side by side.

    • Mara, I’m glad you learnt something new from the post! If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to ask. 🙂 And good luck with your affiliate marketing business!

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    • Robin, I’m so glad you learned something new from the post! It’s definitively worth checking out a few reviews before any purchases.

      And yes, I always love to add some of others’ opinions, because we are all different and it helps readers learn more about the products from all perspective. 🙂

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    I have tried both programs but the only one I am a Premium member of is WA.

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    For me, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better value and it is where I choose to invest my money.

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    • Tom,

      Thanks for dropping by! I can relate to what you said. For the sake of this review, I tried Affilorama and have to say that while the free courses are great and you can even use the forum as a free member, their paid offers are a little bit slim and outdated.

      I think you made a good choice in your investment. 🙂


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      You’re always welcome here! I’m glad you learned something new from the post. And aww, thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog. I’ll be sure to check it out tonight. 😉

      Keep rocking,

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    • Adam, it does take a lot to come out on top with Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion. Thanks for dropping by!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      Thanks Lana! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the blog.