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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories: 40 Marketers Share Their Experience

How do you know which make money online programs work?

Well, you won’t unless you actually give it a try, the same goes for Wealthy Affiliate. That said, what we can do is learn from others’ experiences and testimonials.

As an avid member myself, I’ve reached out to a few among our 600k community — to ask one question:

What did Wealthy Affiliate help you achieve?

That’s not the best part, yet.

Because I didn’t just ask what, but also how, specifically the number one lesson these awesome folks took from their successes.

I learned a lot from them. And I hope these Wealthy Affiliate success stories will also give you a good kick, and an idea on what it takes to achieve your goals. Not just with Wealthy Affiliate, but at building an online business in general. 😉

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Wealthy Affiliate success stories

Wealthy affiliate helps me to achieve my dream of being able to live anywhere in the world and be able to help people in many aspects of their lives, especially things that they might not be so open to discussing in person and things that can be of a huge frustration for them.

Without doubt, the number one lesson learned, not just from Wealthy Affiliate, but is emphasised throughout the training and community spirit is to help people, not just “help them” but genuinely help them by coming from the heart and going the extra mile. If you are not willing to go that extra mile for someone else how can you expect someone else to do that for you?

Taking that attitude into my site, I believe is why I get a high percentage of return visitors and direct traffic (people entering the site name directly into the search bar).
Steve Olan - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Steve Olan
The Soul Fan
My name is Steve Olan, I am a blogger.

I was asked to share some thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate and to give specific responses to two question. Let me start by saying that I have been knocking around the web for quite some time now and have had the misfortune of being scammed. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not one of them.

What has Wealthy Affiliate helped me to achieve?

That is a tough question to answer in a few short sentences, considering how much I have benefited from my membership. Short and sweet of it is, I have two income producing blogs and two local business websites up and running since joining Wealthy Affiliate. The training is world class and the community support is absolutely amazing.

What is the number one lesson I have learned from my success?

I am not sure that I learned this from my success but I can say I learned it during the process of becoming successful. That is, there is no limit to human potential and everything you want can be yours, simply by making a few small changes.
I still remember the first day I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It was February 14th, an easy day to remember because it is Valentine’s Day. I remember thinking, I am going to join because I love myself enough to go in the direction of learning about internet marketing, so I can have a portable business and travel at will.”

Wealthy Affiliate has THE BEST TRAINING for the price on the internet today. I quickly upgraded to yearly to save myself some money and haven’t looked back. The helpful community is beyond compare, and you almost always can find the help you need anytime of the day or night.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me to build a website that people would enjoy coming to, how to monetize that website, and most importantly, how to utilize the help of a caring community. It’s the best learning platform around, and I can’t see myself ever leaving.
I have spent years searching for the right opportunity to build an online business in affiliate marketing but was disappointed by all the scams. Most do not deliver what they promise, they are usually too big and rely on forums and members for support. They always ask for more money, telling you need to upgrade to keep building your business.

When I found Wealthy Affiliates University I was reluctant to go down the same path I had so many times before. But they have a 7 day free trial so I thought “why not”. I spent hours getting familiar with the Wealthy Affiliates back office and the community.

After 7 days I was convinced they were different from what I experienced with similar offers. Now I am a premium member and love it. The courses are Step-By-Step instruction with tasks to carry out at the end of each lesson. Do these tasks and you cannot fail.

But the best thing is the community, there are professionals who are willing to answer your questions and guide you through tough times Since being with Wealthy Affiliates my business has grown further than I could have imagined. The success has delivered the freedom I had been search for all those years before I found Wealthy Affiliates.
Wealthy Affiliate taught me I could work for myself online and make a living off of it. So, starting an online business was already a big achievement for me.

Thanks to its down-to-earth approach to online marketing, I became aware of the time scale and effort necessary to achieve my financial goals. Thus, I had the motivation to persist for more than 5 months without any traffic to my site.

After five months of learning and hard work, my articles ranked higher in Google and the traffic finally took off. In the last 8 months, it increased from 2 – 5 visits /day to 300 – 400 visits /day. As a result, I have finally achieved the 3-digits in revenue mark during the last two months.

My next goal is to scale the business and finally achieve 4 digits by the end of next year. Wealthy Affiliate was and will continue to be an essential component of my progress.

There are many important lessons I’ve learned, but here is the number one:

Creating quality content takes time, but it will become part of your business and pay off for years.
Eric Estrella - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Eric Estrella
Everyday Carry Tools
First of all, I don’t have anything knowledge when comes in making a own website or designing a website, but I’m computer literate. All what I achieved now here is because of the Wealthy Affiliate training’s, blog, tools, webinar and most of all the support from the community. All of these helped me to get what I had now in my website. So, far so good! I still need to learn more, for now I can say that my understanding when come in online marketing or online business are basic only.

All the member here in Wealthy Affiliate are happy and satisfied to what Wealthy Affiliate can offers to them. I can say my achievement are not enough to be succeed in this kind of industry, but I’m very thankful for what I’ve done now to my website.

Now being member and one of the community or family here in Wealthy Affiliate I learned the following:

•    Understanding the importance of niche.
•    How to use the external link and internal link.
•    Using the WordPress platform.
•    How to get traffic using the social media.
•    Become affiliate etc.

Not only these but I cannot tell everything so, I decide to say what the only most important things I learnt here in Wealthy Affiliate, a lot more believed me, I know for sure you’re too!
Wealthy Affiliate helped me achieve the dedication required to make an online business work. Through the training, I learned that it takes time and consistency to be successful. I also learned that it was possible to make money running a website, because I interacted with other people who were already successful. Wealthy Affiliate taught me about low hanging fruit keywords and finding topics that I could rank on the first page of Google for. They taught me to help people first, the money will come second. I love how Wealthy Affiliate is totally about member satisfaction, they are always making this community better and better.

The number one lesson I have learned from my success is: KEEP WORKING.

Keep learning, keep trying, never give up and you will see results. And try new things, test things out, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, it can lead to awesome places.
Wealthy Affiliate has given me clear directions on how to succeed in a confusing and difficult world; online marketing.

Everything I’ve learned has given me the confidence that I can succeed in several different markets. I started 1 website 10 weeks ago and it’s already sold over $400 worth of goods. All that came organically from Google too. My traffic will be significantly higher in a year’s time when my authority grows and I’ll be selling much more per month.

The biggest lessons I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate is to have a plan, provide real value and to be patient. Another really important lesson is the importance of visually pleasing and easy to read content. People will be much more enthusiastic to read something if it’s written that way and you will get more sales because of that.
I can remember exactly when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It was one of those nights where I was lying in bed thinking about all kinds of things and couldn’t sleep. After a while I decided to get up and go in the other room so I wouldn’t wake up my wife.

Up until that night I had struggled online and found scams, but only made a dollar or two online; nothing consistent and definitely nothing I could say was income.

What I was looking for that night was a mentor to help me build an online business. That is when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. Looking carefully at the program I remember thinking that the active community that was willing to help, was awesome.

Since that night I have been an active member of the community. I currently live in China and my children live in the states. Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to relax more and visit my children more often.

The most important thing I have learned with Wealthy Affiliates is to help people, I mean really help them. In doing so you will actually be helping yourself achieve your dreams in the process. I will never forget that night. It was life-changing.
What did Wealthy Affiliate help me achieve?

Amongst the most important thing that Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to achieve, would be the opportunity to help others through a business that I own. Without a doubt it is the best program online as far as the total package that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to members.

I always have peace of mind knowing that I can contact individuals within Wealthy Affiliate, (including my personal mentor) in asking help along the way in my journey. Or perhaps I just need inspiration when it appears I am just stuck in the mud. There is always someone there willing to help.

I know that I am NOT EVEN CLOSE in really achieving what I have set out to do. Yes, money coming into my business would be a prime factor in saying that eventually I would have made it.

But through the very philosophy that is behind Wealthy Affiliate when it first was created, I know that this has to be bigger than me. My mindset is to with each article that I create on my two websites, provide something that would be highly useful to my readers so that their lives would be improved.

What is the number one lesson that I have learned from my success?

To be honest right now I am measuring my success beyond any dollars and cents that I have created in my business. As part of what I said above, I feel that I have provided my readers with something useful that they did not have before they each read my articles.

So looking at it from that point of view, above all I have learned the value of being both patient and having persistence. It is the number one lesson that I have learned.

Coming from a musical background and having a Masters’ degree in music, I must say that building my online business from the ground up has been much more difficult. When decades ago practicing my instrument several hours per day, I realized the results of my labor. I improved on my instrument, something that I could easily tell. You learn a piece of music literature. Days after starting on it, suddenly you can play the entire thing.

With running a business online it could be weeks, months before I could see results, especially when I first started my two websites.

Everyone told me that as a business owner you simply must be dedicated to what needs to be done: Working on your online business, doing everything that needs to be done through research in preparing to write content articles. And then finally sitting down and creating each article.

All of this requires work, patience and dedication!
PJ Germain - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

PJ Germain
Residual Income
What did Wealthy Affiliate help you achieve?

Well, because I have been an affiliate marketer for years, I have seen just about every kind of affiliate or online marketing program out there. I had spent thousands of dollars on empty promises and losing schemes. Sure, I picked up some knowledge along the way, so I can’t say it was a total loss.

But, Wealthy Affiliate allowed me to have a solution to send new entrepreneurs to that I could trust and truly feel good about promoting. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training vehicle on the Internet today. Not only is the bootcamp solid, the community of like-minded entrepreneurs is stellar. I stand behind Wealthy Affiliate and I’m proud to be a part of the program and promote it on several of my websites.

And what is the number one lesson you’ve learnt from your success?

Helping others will create good karma!

So many people have many of the same questions. With patience and understanding, if you pass on the knowledge you have, you will benefit from helping others. In so many things that I do from day to day, I simply try to help others. Generally, they will return the favor. It may not be that day or that week or even that month, but helping others has definitely created Win-Win situations multiple times!
Antonios Marios Christonasis - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Antonios Marios Christonasis
One Piece Theories
I have always been fascinated by the world of internet marketing and the so-called laptop lifestyle. I was watching all those lifestyle entrepreneurs and I was just so jealous of them.

But, the sheer amount of information that exists on the topic, along with the misinformation and my fear of the unknown, kept me stuck. The community and platform of Wealthy Affiliate was the one that un-stuck me and pushed me towards really taking the first step into the wonderful world of internet marketing. The tools there are top notch and easy to use. But, the best aspect is the community that helps every step of the way.

It’s like having all those minds at your disposal right in your browser. People that actually are out there and doing it. Would love to see you all over at my blog. I am an anime enthusiast, so my first blog would have to be on that topic. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone starting out in internet and affiliate marketing.
Just over one year ago , I did not use the computer, did not wish to use the computer. There was a PC in the gallery used by my wife and gallery assistant. Whenever there were issues we hired the services of IT consultants. My wife got tired of me asking her for computer favors. and bought me a MacBook Air as a birthday present and offed to enroll me at the local community college in an introductory IT course for seniors

I just loved the comfort of being at home and not having to work to a timetable. I was paying a Web company to build and manage a website and a gallery website was built and managed by a friend who holds a PHD in Internet Technology. One site was costing a fortune so I decided that now I had the computer I can continue to operate the websites myself. But had to rebuild the sites completely.

I was searching for an online IT course but was very weary of scams. I accidentally came across Wealthy Affiliate and after reading many reviews, I became a premium member in Sept 2015 with a ranking of over 7000.

Everything I learnt about the computer and online business was learnt at Wealthy Affiliate with the help of an incredible community network. I am very challenged when it comes to anything technical and always have been. After one year I am now ranked in the top 200 and one of my websites is green.

If I can do it anybody can do it.

Now I am fairly satisfied with the quality of the website I am concentrating on monetizing the site. Trust will be earned only by a quality website.

Patience is key, dont’ expect too much too soon.
Wealthy Affiliate helps me to build my niche website and become an online entrepreneur by doing things that I love. I was able to quit my full-time job, focus on my family and kids, while still earning a decent income from the comfort of my home. It’s a dream come true!

The number one lesson from my success: Stop dreaming and take action. You are not going to succeed by just reading things; it’s the action that will give you real results.

Be consistent, don’t be afraid to fail, keep trying, and soon you’ll be on your road to success.
Wealthy Affiliate actually helped me to create a website. Before I joined I had read up on making money online. I decided that affiliate marketing was the best way to do and read up on it. But I never acted on it. I gave up on the idea. I then came across Wealthy Affiliate and thought let’s try it. I have learned a lot from the course all while creating a website around my passion.

Anything is possible when creating a website, as long as you target keywords and have great content. Because of this I have already made a few connections that will help me become more noticeable online. This is something that I am building on, these connections.
When I got close to retirement a few years back I set out to find a legitimate home business I could start from home. Although I was retiring from a long career in high tech manufacturing and considered myself a technical person, I knew I needed some training. I was essentially a digital technology newbie.

A bad experience that wasted a lot of time and money almost made me give up my home business plan. I accidentally found a site whose owner sounded very genuine and honest. His name was Kyle, and the website was Ways To Avoid Scams Online.

Kyle answered questions I asked over a period of several months. His responses were genuine, honest and delivered without any hype. He and Carson are solely responsible for me regaining my vision of a legitimate home business.

The number one lesson I have learned is that it will take a lot of patience, perseverance, and determination to achieve.
When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I had my doubts the program could teach me anything I didn’t already know about marketing.

I was wrong!

The one thing I did learn that I had not realised before was and is the really the most important aspect of marketing: sending traffic to a product hardly ever works.

You have to take the human element out of the equation because it’s the human that fails. Systems work – humans fail. You have to set up a system that removes the human component out of the sales process. You have to look on a product like a vehicle and the system as the engine that moves the product.

Most important: the system does not sell a product – it sells a result. That is – the product you are selling or promoting is promising a result to the buyers.
Jessica - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Thriving Cat
I have always dreamed of being independent and having the freedom to live anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate gives me all the tools and education I need to make that dream come true! The lessons and tips give me so many options to make an online income that I have only scratched the surface. This process takes time, patience and commitment but it will teach you all you need to succeed. I love that I can use this training to create a website on any topic I am passionate about. I can help people, share knowledge and build a business!

I have learned that you must be in it for the long haul. You will need to put in time and be willing to continually learn. Unlike many other programs however, you don’t need to sell to your family and friends and it won’t cost a ton of money! This appeals to me since I don’t like “selling.
Question 1 – Wealthy Affiliate network has opened my eyes to the many prospects available in the online marketplace. I have learned a new vocabulary as I study SEO, WordPress, HTML coding and what a plug-in is. Digital marketing is not so foreign to me as I now understand how to share website content on social media, and how to structure blog posts with keywords in mind.

Question 2 – The number one lesson I have learned is that if you can speak, then you can write. Writing was never a strong skill of mine, but being part of Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to hone my skills in both research and writing composition. Now I am commended for my engaging writing style that both informs and entertains simultaneously.
I haven’t had any knowledge related to the WordPress, networking (other than Facebook), blogging, online marketing and marketing in general. I have found all the answers within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I achieved a great self-confidence in writing for the audience, especially in English, since I am Serbian and English is not an official language in Serbia. I’ve got to meet one part of myself that I haven’t met before. That’s someone who has no fear to write down and share a life and a working experience with so many people (and we are talking about the biggest market in the World).

The number one lesson I have learnt from my success is that what people like to call “a hard work” doesn’t have to be hard – it turns to a fun and enjoyable journey as soon as you set your goals and dreams in front of your eyes and let your passion leads you towards them.

Focus, faith and sustainability are my new best friends, especially when gets tough!
What did Wealthy Affiliate help you achieve?

This is a difficult question. I think I am still on the road to achieving my goals. I am not there yet. One thing for sure that Wealthy Affiliate made me realize that I have a passion that I can pursue. It has helped me to build my websites. I had no internet marketing background. I had no skills in building websites. Yet, I have several websites now. They are at the baby stage and making a little money. All thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

And what is the number one lesson you’ve learnt from your success?

I made my goals to several milestones. They are too small to fail but big enough for me to pursue them. That’s what I’ve learnt. Small and attainable goals are easier to achieve rather than shooting for the stars.

I’m not saying that I don’t have a big dream. I am saying that I have a big dream. The road to go there has been marked by a lot of pit stops. It will be a journey from one pit stop to the next pit stop. That’s my number one lesson.
Gomer Magtibay - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Gomer Magtibay
Coach Gom
Before learning about Wealthy Affiliate, I was a newbie in blogging. My problem then was, I have to go to different sites just to learn the different subjects in blogging. I have to go to Site A to learn about WordPress, and then to Site B to learn about SEO. When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I instantly liked it and decided to not only use it for my learning but also recommend the training to others.

With my developments, I realized that success is not some kind of permanent ground or status where you live happily ever after with you no longer have to do anything. Truth is, any development reached, must be worked out continuously towards the realization of higher goals. To the lazy, this may be discouraging to learn that it’s a never-ending process. But for us enjoying the game, it’s fun!
Daniel Euergetes - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Daniel Euergetes
When I first stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, through a letter from a pen pal I had back in 2008, there was the unmistakable impression about it that it stood out from all the rest and that it was different in very positive ways.

Later I would find that this was the concept of “paying it forward”. Kyle & Carson didn’t just say they were laying it all out on the table – they did it. After I saw this, and it sunk in, I could truly see the difference between a successful business – and one that isn’t.

It’s not all about the money. It’s what you do to make the lives of others better. Fellow human beings are not fish you catch with bait and a hook. They’re not numbers.

Companies that see business this way come – and they go. I’ve seen some great businesses change ownership or management, that once held the Pay-It-Forward philosophy, go into oblivion. This shows in one’s personality, attitude – and their writing. I have learned to write my content, to let the folks I am reaching out to, know that I care. Not only do I show them, but exhort them to do the same.

Never let crumbs fall from your table down to your audience. That’s what fishermen do. Spread it out at their level so they can feast upon the best of your delicacies. It is the way of influence, not just persuasion.
What did Wealthy Affiliate help me achieve?

About 3 years ago, I really started having trouble with my hearing. This made it hard for me to do my day job since it’s in retail, it required of me to constantly interact and help people.

I started looking online for a way to make money. After searching the internet for some time, I finally came to a review of Wealthy Affiliate. It sounded really interesting and the fact that it had a trial, prompted me to give it a go. The rest is history.

With Wealthy Affiliate I was able to achieve something I never thought was possible. I was able to build, not just one. but two websites. This is really an achievement for me and I am ever so grateful for the amazing support and help that I got along the way from the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I believe this achievement allows me to build a legacy that will serve me in the years to come. I am now able to look at this exciting way of earning money and it is not taxing on my ear at all.

The number one lesson I’ve learnt from my success?

I learnt that online success takes time and hard work. Then again, I suppose the case is same when you building a business offline as well.

Success online for me is not just monetary. I learnt that been able to help another person in another part of the world is awesome and is just as successful as making money. It is an amazing feeling to reach out and I love every bit of it.

Getting into this game certainly has it rewards and I am grateful to be a part of it.
My name is Tyrell. I am an active member of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me reach into my reserve of creative talent and unleash it to create satisfying personal value. My talents had been dormant for 19 years due to the pressures of my 9-5 job.

I now find myself writing something every day, creating content and concepts to blog as well as crafting images and videos. This is the dream job I have always wanted; being endlessly creative and enjoying it. One of my niche sites started generating income in the first 3 months of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I made an affiliate commission of $46.50.

The number one Lesson I have learnt from my success is that with support of experienced like-minded people in Wealthy Affiliate space I can achieve any of my dreams. I have been meeting my set monthly goals as a result.
Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to grow a business from home. I’ve found I can communicate my ideas with millions of like-minded people and leave inhibitions behind.
I would like to start by saying that Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to not only build my own website but how to monetize it.

The journey has been great but I am getting there step by step. I have learnt that you should never give up on your dreams but to stay positive and that you cannot achieve success on your own, success comes with networking with people because we don’t have all the answer no man is and island, people need people in order to achieve.
What Wealthy Affiliates helped me to achieve is the convenience of having my sites hosted, and the in-house availability of thousands of people to gain and share knowledge, solve problems and get ideas.

The number one lesson I have learned is that I should never lose momentum, to peek focus, not to be discouraged, exercise lots of discipline, be consistent and never be shy to ask questions, take and keep notes. This is a great platform for the learning.
What did Wealthy Affiliate help me achieve?

Focus! Wealthy Affiliate brings so much together into a “one stop shop” for building an online business, plus it brings together the most important element…people with a common goal.

Having domains, hosting, training and experience well organized in one place streamlines the process, making our time much more productive, increasing our ability to focus.

But, the people means having the support and knowing we are not alone in our journey to success and freedom…this is the ultimate power behind getting focused.

What is the number one lesson I’ve learned from my success?

Success is more than a goal reached. It is even more than just the process or journey. We are successful every day we remain dedicated to continuing forward, regardless of how we think it went.

Failure is simply the moment we decide to stop, nothing more…nothing less.

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What did Wealthy Affiliate help you achieve?

Time Freedom, plain and simple. I’ve never been someone who enjoyed “punching a timecard” for someone else, nor took pleasure in lining someone else’s pocket through my hard work. I also NEED the freedom from being tied down to a 9 to 5 job because of family obligations that keep me on the home front.

Learning to build websites and earn from internet marketing ventures allows me to do just that. It takes work, but it is so worth it!

What is the number one lesson you’ve learnt from your success?

Achieving anything worthwhile takes time and effort – things don’t happen overnight! But with persistence and commitment it is absolutely possible to achieve what you want. Everything depends on me!

There’s an enormous amount of information online about affiliate and internet marketing, but much of it is nothing more than an unscrupulous ploy to reel the unsuspected in for their own gain. You must be cautious, and stop looking for a magic bullet, there are none. Thank God for Wealthy Affiliate!
Wealthy Affiliate has saved my life to be honest, it opened up my eyes to a whole new world that I had no idea even existed.

The internet is full of opportunities and they are endless! The more you learn about it the faster you will understand this!
I have been with Wealthy Affiliate two years now and in the time I have learned many new skills,the question is what did I achieve with Wealthy Affiliate.

I have two of my own websites which is amazing since I started out with no technical skills or knowledge of how to build an online business.

Many varied opportunities have come along such as freelance writing, affiliate marketing skills which helps bring an income. Confidence in myself as at the beginning I never thought that I could grasp all the various elements.

I have also learned skills that enable me to help others as I always say “if I can do it just about anyone can do it”.

I have learned to push through the hard times and most importantly patience something that is so needed for this line of work. There are always the question “is this a scam” even that was in my mind when I came across this opportunity, you can achieve a good business or increase your skills however if you take no action there can be no results or progress.

My number one lesson this is a hard one for I have had many on this journey, however I would say learning patience we see so many claims of quick fix riches, this rarely happens takes time, work, belief and being realistic about how long this could take.
Wealthy Affiliate helped me achieve the opportunity to use the synapses in my brain, because at my age, the bones creak, but the mind can be transformed into something not only useful, but pecuniary. That is, of course, the development of the Website and hopefully gaining more monetary funds than I have currently from my small fixed income from Social Security retirement. I wanted to work at home to earn money that I am able to make by the rules of Social Security. By enrolling in this Opportunity of University School of Wealth Affiliate, I have discovered that I have intelligence and some talent in writing.

Now that is a nice discovery, isn’t it?

I learned the computer by myself, since I had wanted to know all about what I could do with one. I had built an innovative pictorial exhibit about the life of my dad who was really a creative genius.

Now then the day came when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate to give me another channel to express myself other than my mundane teaching experience I had had a dislike in doing. I was young, but bored. I did not need work on my synapses at that time. Age gives us all reasons to want that free gift to learn from our frail memories, and to find the time to finally have the joy to succeed in something quite alien before the inevitable time when thoughts do cease.

I began here with the word synapses, but I am not ending it here. My personality has changed too. Now I have something I can usefully do regardless of the severe hearing loss that I have had all my life. I did work despite my loss, which was teaching, But I really sadly did not like that honorable profession. I was (and don’t laugh) a speech therapist so I was able to teach in a small group. I graduated from a University by faking the tests and getting average grades. But with Wealthy Affiliate, there is no such thing as guessing what I should be saying or doing or anything else, except really learning something very exciting.

And that is what I have learned–to soar through my best efforts and to reach for incredible heights by actually learning something that is a challenge and a benefit. And that takes me back to my synapses.

It is working!
Wealthy Affiliate has taught me just how very important it is to spend time learning how to go about Internet Marketing, rather than jumping straight into it and “hoping” for success, which is exactly what I did a couple of years ago.

I had a website which I paid someone to build for me, but which I had no idea how to use properly – all that was put on it for me was landing pages which rapidly became redundant.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches exactly how to build a functional website, and the training shows just how to do it with no need to pay someone else to build one which will probably be inadequate! And you are never left on your own to struggle with the problems which will inevitably arise – there is always someone in this amazing community who is more than happy to steer you on to the right path, and the training is incomparably better than anything else you may find online, at a fraction of the cost of those other inferior training.

If you are serious about building an online business, then the training at Wealthy Affiliate is essential! I would very strongly advise everyone to go through this training before attempting to launch an online business.

I, for one, bless the day that I found Wealthy Affiliate.
I was retrenched in 2011 following the Global Financial Crisis and the collapse of the construction industry.

After this I started building our strawbale house. When the work slowed I thought about internet marketing as I am not a person to do nothing. I find that immensely boring. I was fortunate to see right through the first site I looked at. I had done a scam check prior to going to this site but couldn’t find one. As soon as I backed out I did another scam check. By this time my (now) Wealthy Affiliate colleague had put up a scam report.

In his review he talked about Wealthy Affiliate. He emphasised that it offered a number of free lessons to try out. Hey a test run – what more could I ask for!

He also put particular importance on the ‘it was not a get rich quick scheme’; that it took time and hard work. That sounded fine to me so I immediately signed up and then went on to become a Premium member. Following the free lessons I had my website domain bought and my initial pages done. And I did this in two days. That was terrific Public Relations for Wealthy Affiliate. I am slowly building up quality content. (The slowness is due to my continuing responsibilities to my house building.)

And that is the best thing that I have learned here with Wealthy Affiliate. Do things at your own pace as long as you are steady.

Then good things start happening.
It was about 2 years from starting how to make money online before I found Wealthy Affiliate, spending loads on sites which had none or very little training, Scams! Then when I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate I couldn’t believe how good it was with all the help when you had problems and questions, there is a community of dedicated entrepreneurs some with years of marketing experience giving you a hand when you’re stuck which with me was quite a bit.

I am now into my second year, still haven’t finished the lessons yet there are a lot of them and there is a lot to take in , this is a proper learning type university platform, I would say probably the best out there for anybody who wants to know how to start an online business from scratch.

I am not making a living from it yet, I have made a little bit of money, but what you have to remember this is a steep learning curve especially for me , younger people would be able to move a lot quicker.

I am on track with my goals and no doubt be making more money down the track.
I joined Wealthy Affiliate over a year ago, and at the time, had zero knowledge of online business and really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

In fact, I joined and my account sat there for one or two weeks, I must have received an email that peaked my interests, and thankfully, I opened it up and entered the Wealthy Affiliate platform again since creating the account.

This time I decided to have a better look around and even decided to take on the training, I became hooked/enthusiastic on all that I was learning.

Long story short, the Wealthy Affiliate platform has helped me achieve something I never thought possible, working for myself on my own schedule.

It’s been bliss.

I am still a student and have much to learn but the #1 lesson that I’ve learned up to this point – is that mistakes and failure are all apart of the process. It’s going to happen.

Shrug it off and focus on the big picture. That is, potentially becoming your own boss and enjoying more time and freedom.

Anyone can do it.
Wealthy Affiliate helped me create a sales page for my new eBook. I had absolute no previous experience with websites or online marketing. I was also able to create a website for affiliate marketing (www.bestressfree.net). I already made sales from these sites.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a very in depth and genius training for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it is broken down into elements so people with absolutely no experience (such as myself) can understand it and follow it without being overwhelmed. Wealthy Affiliate is like a road with the correct road signs to follow to success.

However, the most important lesson I have learnt from my journey with Wealthy Affiliate so far is to ask questions. The best part is the people at Wealthy Affiliate. Any time I have a question I get an answer within minutes or the answer is already in the system. People here are truly helpful and supportive.
Wealthy Affiliate helped me achieve building a fitness website which I would never have been able to do before their awesome training. The best lesson I’ve learned so far is that if you work hard, stay patient and follow their training you will have success.
Cena and Rizal - Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Cena and Rizal
Internet Scams Report
Before I decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, I go around the internet to find how to make money online. There lot of gurus out there give wrong information on how easy to do it. Until I find Pribs honest review on Wealthy Affiliate.

He give truth on how much amount of effort to make things happen. Without delay I give it a shot. The process of learning building website is not that difficult as there are lot of free tutorial on Youtube. My biggest fear is to write and produce quality content. Writing is not my strength as I didn’t write more than 100 words after I left school.

The amount of training at Wealthy Affiliate make me change my mind. I just open up my laptop and start to type. Grammar mistake all over my post but I don’t give a damn. These are still content which I’m ahead of people who never even try. This goes on for about 2 years and the result is not what expect.

The very next step I know I need a partner to kick butt to get things done more and share work load and Rizal agree to join and we set up Internet Scams Report.


While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others.

Rick Warren

It’s great how Wealthy Affiliate can change lives… but it’s just a tool.

You will be the one doing the work, putting in extra hours to make the magic happen. My wild guess is that it will take much longer than you’d expect to earn your first dollars. When I started, I thought I’ll make 10k in 3 months.

That didn’t happen, it took me over 6 months to make my first sale.

I’m not here to give you false hope when 53% of affiliate marketers earn less than $20,000 per year.

Looking back, I’m super proud that I didn’t give up halfway. I guess I was desperate enough with living a bland, typical life.

I don’t hate my job. But it doesn’t excite me, I crave to for something… that I’m passionate about. And that’s when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. But I am from Vietnam I didn’t get the discount or free membership.

Long story short, I took the plunge anyways.

Fast forward one year later, I finally made money online. And was featured on huge sites such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Egg and ProBlogger. Even better, I had the chance to interact with industry leaders like Joe Pulizzi, Michael Stelzner and Neil Patel.

Influencers Outreach for Bloggers - Anh Nguyen

… none of this would have happened without Wealthy Affiliate.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life. I hope it can help you ass much as it did me and then some.

Click here to sign up for a free membership and claim your Wealthy Affiliate’s discount.

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to drop a comment. I’ll try my best to answer!

Anh Nguyen is a blogger and minimalist who's crazy about design and content quality. Learn more about him here, or connect with him on Twitter.

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  1. jschicanha

    Wonderful information, I supported the idea of what the article saying, because am also the member of Wealthy Affiliate marketing. I also supported the achievements the article mentioned. Please inform me also about the new information to arise upon.

    Thank you sharing with mates.

    Yours and all the best from Jose

    • Anh Nguyen

      I will, Jose and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  2. Great stuff! I’ve joined WA back in year 2015, and it’s after losing close to $15,000 to various scams and bad online investments. It’s the first platform that helped me made real money online, and the skills I’ve learned still continue to benefit me today. I’m really thankful to have found this platform.

    • I’m glad to hear, Edward! It’s great that you finally found a program that’s worth your investment. I also joined WA in 2015, let’s get along!

  3. Michel

    Wealthy Affiliate is not only about making money, it is also about learning and sharing with fellow members. This I think is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so sustainable over time.

    Of course, there are many other great features, including hosting and domain names, webinars, tools that every marketer needs, like a key word tool, and of course step by step training. It is like having a personal mentor.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Agreed, Michel. Out of all the features, what I appreciate the most about WA is still their awesome community, I think it’s the hardest to build over time and Kyle and Carson did an awesome job. 😉

  4. John

    Pretty astounding to see so many great reviews and testimonials of people finding success through the program.

    I have been following the WA program for close to two weeks now and I cannot believe how much I have accomplished already!

    Just a year ago I was afraid to even do something as build a website, and I already have one solid one started, and plans for my next.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Awesome to hear, John! I wish you all the best with your endeavours and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 😉

  5. Andrew

    Wow, nicely written.

    I like your transparency there. Affiliate marketing isn’t easy at all but it can be done. It depends on the individual. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform that teaches people how to start but in order to get to your destination, you gotta work for it.

    This isn’t some get rich quick scheme. It’s all hard work and effort. But anyone who’s looking to build something awesome for themselves should take a look at WA.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Thanks Andrew for the kind words. 😉 I have pretty firm principals when it comes to transparency. It makes me antsy when I make things up!

  6. pmbaluka2016

    It’s amazing that I was able to get all I was looking for from your site, that means you have expounded well on all the information pertaining WA. I know, just like me, many people have been scammed online before and they’re here to look for an alternative solution. Your blog has given that indepth assurance that there’s a sure way to online marketing. Though it calls for commitment and hard work, yet Wealthy Affiliate has become a true flatform answer to thousands of people.

    I love the way you’ve reviewed WA. Indeed you’re a true ambassador.


    • Anh Nguyen

      Aww, thanks so much Paul for the kind words! I know how hard it is to find good information for starters on how to make money online and I thrive to be the source to actually help. I wish you all the best with your endeavours and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions. 😉



  7. Jojo

    It is very inspiring to read about other people and what they have acheived thanks to to their commitments and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.
    Patience and commitment is the key to success. You can’t expect to thousands of dollars after a few weeks of marketing but if you keep working, you will eventually make sales and if you keep at it the number of sales will increase with time.
    I will keep working because I am determined to succeed.
    Thank you

    • Anh Nguyen

      Well said, Jojo. 😉 I wish you all the best in your endeavours and feel free to let me know if you have any questions, I’m always here to help!

  8. Hi Anh,
    After reading so many reviews from many experts it looks like that the Wealthy Affiliates are really good and I should give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey there, Robin. Since you already know so much about SEO and blogging, WA’s training may be too basic but maybe you will enjoy the community over there. 🙂 Let me know if you sign up, and I’ll hope over to welcome you!


  9. Hi Anh,
    This is indeed amazing!
    Yet another informative piece, a valuable roundup post, review for the people who want to make some extra income via online. Well said testimonies/ experience of different users from around the globe.
    Thanks for the kind mention of Philipscom’s Huffington post! That was indeed a great joyous time to for many I featured them in my blog pages and The Huffington Post.
    Keep up th good work Anh, keep going!
    All good wishes
    Philip from #philipscom

    • Hey there, Phil! It’s always a pleasure to see you around the blog. I have many friends at WA and have always though what a great idea it is to make a roundup about them. 😉 I always mention your Huffington Post, ha ha. I’ve been thinking about making a list of all the places I’ve been featured and actually link to the original on your site.

      Take care,

  10. Vic George

    Those are pretty interesting statistics you have here, Anh.

    That 53% of affiliate marketers earn between $0 and $20,000 is no real surprise. I think that the big achievers are the ones that actually put in extra effort or make time available to generate income consistently.

    Most people have day jobs, so can’t put the necessary amount of time into affiliate marketing to earn more than they get from their day jobs – myself included.

    However, Wealthy Affiliate will help ANY prospective affiliate marketer to get going and to ultimately realize their dreams of quitting their day jobs. It won’t happen overnight or next month, but if you stick with the training and tips, I bet success will only be months away.

    I started with WA just a month ago, so I’m feeling my way through. It looks extremely promising though, once you understand and apply what is taught.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Well said, Vic. You have a great mentality when it comes to online businesses and I wish you all the best moving forward! Oh and feel free to ask if you have any questions, on WA or on my blog. I’m always happy to help. 😉

  11. Hello Anh,
    Thank you for sharing my experience with WA here! I would like to add that if you are truly passionate about a subject and want to share that information with the world then the process of building your website feels quite effortless.

    It is so nice to have the training and tools to get our message out to like minded people and help them with their problems, needs or dreams! And it is so affordable! We don’t need a huge investment to start a real business. This is a great equalizing platform.

    Thanks for sharing such great information about WA!

    • Thank you for joining, Jessica. You are absolutely right, even though $49 can be expensive to some, it’s nothing compared to building an offline business. And I’m so grateful to find a place like WA that taught me how to make money and enjoy the process at the same time. 😉

      All the best,

  12. Jojo

    I have been working for so long and tried so many things without much success. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was so confused and had so much trouble to figure out the next step in my marketing.

    I decided to join WA and then simply stick to the lesson and keep going through them, step by step. This was exactly what I needed. A structure to follow with lessons and tasks. Now I have a nice website with lots of content and I am constantly working to improve it and to make it profitable.

    I think the strongest and most important point of WA is the assistance and help you can get. If you have any question or problem there is always something to ask.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Well said, Jojo! Although WA is not the only place that taught me online marketing but it’s the supportive community that really gives me the kick. 😉 I can’t thank them enough for their generosity.