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Is Copy Paste Income A Scam? An Insider Review

Review of: Copy Paste Income

Description: Make money online product

Rating:   Review - 1 out of 5 stars

Summary: A system that promises you a copy paste way to make money online.
Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income - Product

Copy Paste Income is a make money online system created by Ewen Chia, renowned online marketer, that promises you a copy and paste method to earning an income from the internet.

So curious about Ewen’s offer, I decided to sign up.

Below is my experience with Copy Paste Income and about building an online business in general.

((TL;DR Copy Paste Income is full of hypes and thin, obsolete content. If you want to create a sustainable income stream online, click here for my no.1 recommendation.))

Is Copy Paste Income A Scam?

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income - Homepage

Price: Starts at $37, many upsells
Official Website:

Copy Paste Income is a system by Ewen Chia that claims to earn you good income online only by copying and pasting. This is not a new concept when it comes to the making money online business as many well-known products such as the CB Passive Income made the same promises.

While most of these products are more or less scams, let’s take a closer look at Copy Paste Income.

Even though Copy Paste Income claimed that “every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it’s potential”, we can’t help but ask: can you really make $3,052.60 like Ewen, popular author of the book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet” or not? Does his system hold any truth? Can making money be this easy?

Another thing to note about Copy Paste Income is that while this system starts at a relatively low price of $37, has a lot of upsells himself. Once you buy into Ewen’s first offer, other extras goes up to $197 to $297.

Final Verdict

Pros Cons
   A good example of products you shouldn’t buy into: those that hypes about the speed and amount of money you can make x   Misleading, you don’t copy and paste to make money online

x   Thin content, low chance that a starter can make money from what Ewen taught

x   Many upsells

A detailed review of Copy Paste Income

Before we start on Copy Paste Income, I’ll let you in on the most important lesson on making money online.

Trust me, knowing this can make or break your chance of success (spoiler: it’s a little of a mind blown).

Okay, so this thing is simply not fast and easy.

Mindblown reaction - Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017

Online or offline, business is still business and it’s still going to be hard. Especially when you are building something from the ground up with little to no experiences.

When we started, it’s so easy to buy into this whole idea of making money on the internet, in your sleep, on autopilot, in other words, it’s just that much easier than any other place.

Unfortunately, Copy Paste Income is one of those products that preaches this belief. Despite Ewen Chia claiming to making every efforts to accurately represent his product, Copy Paste Income, like the majority of make money online products, has a very long landing pages telling you all about the world of your dreams, starting with:

Can you copy paste?



You have all the skills you need to make this:

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income - Sales Page

And ending with this fear fueled question:

PS. What if I’m right? And what if you missed out on all of that just because of $37? What a shame that would be!

If I am a starter myself, I know I will be quite intrigued in believing Copy Paste Income. Only $37 for a system that allows you to make that kind of money. What a steal!

… Or is it?

After becoming an online marketer for over a year, I though it’s a good time to go back to these products “promising” and actually give them a try, looking at them from a more experienced lense.

For this post, I bought Copy Paste Income and here’s my experience with it.

Below, I’ll try to go over all questions about Copy Paste Income that you may have as you begin your journey into this confusing world of making money online from

My goal is to share realistic knowledges about the online marketing world to help you avoid falling for “scam” products in the future, as well as helping you grasping the true idea of making money online.

With no further ado, let’s dive in!

How does Copy Paste Income work?

Here’s Ewen on the Copy Paste Income system:

This is probably the only system online that makes you money:

WITHOUT prior experience or skills
WITHOUT a website or squeeze page
WITHOUT technical knowledge
WITHOUT any programming
WITHOUT any copywriting
WITHOUT any knowledge of how to drive traffic

Even for starters, you’ll know that those are some bold claims. In fact, Ewen is saying you don’t have to do anything (aside from copy and pasting) to make money online.

Throughout his whole sales page, there isn’t a point that Ewen actually mentioned how his system may work. It’s fair though, this is a super-secret-system, right?

Without giving all of Ewen’s techniques away for free, here’s my insider take.

What you’ll get with Copy Paste Income

The idea behind Copy Paste Income is simple. After signing up, I found this explanation by Ewen:

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income - Description

In other words, you’ll be giving away premade eBooks from Ewen containing affiliate links, which in turn, allows you to earn a commission when someone buys from your link.

To do that, you’ll want to check out Ewen’s Complete Coaching section contains 6 videos (3 hours in total) guiding you through this method from:

Step 1: Profitable niche
Step 2: Affiliate product
Step 3: Relevant keyword
Step 4: Create Mini eBooks
Step 5: Promote Mini eBooks

These videos will introduce you to what Ewen calls the “free viral mini ebooks” technique.

That said, step 1 to 4 are just generic introductions on affiliate marketing, the kind you can find with a Google search, rather than any actual practical advices. Given that you will be using 10 of Ewen’s pre-made eBooks, you can’t choose your niche, affiliate product, keyword and you won’t have to create an eBook yourself anyways.

Now onto Ewen’s eBooks, which you can find in the Copy Paste Ebooks in your Member’s Area…

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income - eBooks Offers

… are all in the make money online niche. To name a few of these mini eBooks:

  • Subscriber Secrets
  • Ezine Secrets
  • Easy Content Cash
  • Secret Marketing Formula
  • Preselling Secrets

Unfortunately, all of them are of rather low quality. Here’s a snapshot of Subscriber Secrets:

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income - eBooks Preview

As you can see, they are of thin content a lot of hype and literal pages of advertisement (of Ewen’s product).

This is quite odd since Ewen said he has an All Star team working behind Copy Paste Income.

First I hired a world class copywriter…who has done over 100 million dollars in sales online.

Then I hired a search marketing expert that used to work for Google.

Then I hired an award winning web designer used by some of the hottest brands in the country to do the design…

And yet his unknown “world class copywriter” wrote books like this, with none of the showing, just empty words.

To give you an idea, here’s a high quality piece on online marketing from Brian Dean:

Backlinko - Skyscraper Post

… which you can find for free on his blog. Why would you, instead, want to download these cheap eBooks crammed with ads?

Also, with only 10 eBooks, imagine how other hundreds of Copy Paste Income members sharing the same books as you. With that much competition, what are the chances of you coming out on top?

This brings us to last step in Ewen’s video series “Step 5: Promote Mini eBooks”, where he shows us the ways to promote these eBooks from:

  • Uploading to document and eBook directories
  • To sharing on related forums
  • To sharing on social media
  • To sharing on Q&A sites

Here’s my take on these promotion strategies:

One, sharing on directories are some of the worst ways for exposure on the internet, there are thousands of documents uploaded, your chance of being found is very slim. Also, Copy Paste Income has been around since, at least 2016, so these eBooks must already have been uploaded, a dozen times, on all major directories like SlideShare and PDF Directory. Even if you try for different keywords, there are only so much synonyms for the same topic.

Two, if you use the internet recently, you’ll know that we don’t use forums anymore. And for starters, it will be one hell of a time running into online marketing communities and sharing these low quality eBooks. Same goes for Q&A sites, you need to know something to answer questions: we can tell who are the expert, who aren’t.

Three, as for social media’s, there is a whole process of social media marketing for a reason. To put it simply, it’s not just hitting the Share button. You need a broad reach and a targeted audience, not just your friend groups.

Copy Paste Income is very unlikely make you $3,052.68 in one weekend like Ewen claimed, even if you work all 48 hours, these obsolete techniques won’t get you anywhere.

Will you be able to make money with Copy Paste Income at all?

If you follow exactly what Ewen said and his promotional techniques, I don’t think so, maybe one of your friends will buy you one but it’s not going to be sustainable in the long run. Unless you already have a well established audience interested in making money online to promote his eBooks to, that will cost you their trust, however.

Despite a very well written, well designed sales page and going as far as saying things like

Most systems out there are outsourced to Filipino programmers who know nothing about internet marketing.

What a joke!

This is the complete opposite.

To build this system. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ewen just doesn’t deliver with Copy Paste Income. This content is very thin and glossed over rather than actually being of use.

Is Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income a scam?

They say the best kind kind of lies are are half truths, that applies very well with what Ewen Chia is trying to sell here.

While what Ewen teaches about online marketing are mostly accurate (although some of his methods, like Ezines directories, are obsolete), he doesn’t share the real knowledge that leads to his success, just a very glossed over form of it so you can get a taste of, but can’t actually eat. Which I’m sure, is the reason why he sells Copy Paste Income for only $37.

Ewen is a successful online marketer and he’s also an international bestselling author on internet business but he’s more interested in growing his wealth than sharing it. So instead of creating a great course, he resorted to making products that sells much, much better than actually deliver.

To tell the truth, I’m quite reluctant to criticise Ewen Chia because he’s the very person who introduced me to online marketing. In fact, I attended one of his seminars in 2014.

He has great enthusiasm and the best at writing sales copy that I know, but he didn’t use his skills to good use, instead resorting to creating multiple low quality products like Copy Paste Income.

Or as Peter from Affiliate Sale puts it quite frankly:

Ewen continually takes advantage of online marketing newbies by the exploiting of fake wondrous secrets, and non-existent loopholes into today’s realm of online marketing itself.

A final note on Copy Paste Income

No, I don’t recommend Copy Paste Income to anyone.

There is just no copy and past or magic buttons to making money online, or creating any form of sustainable income at that. And I think the worst thing about these overly hyped make money online products is that they give you a very falsified mindset about what an online business really is about.

Although making money on the internet does has its’ perk like not being location-depend, and the possibility of passive income streams, it’s not easy or fast.

So.. can you actually make money online?

Yes, you can.

We buy things online, there is a market out there, if you adapt the right techniques, it’s undoubtedly possible.

In fact, I’m one of those folks who knows a thing or two about this online business thing. Here’s me and my first ever sale last year.

Make Money with a Blog Success - Anh Nguyen

My results are humble, though, compared to my friends. Here’s Lynne Huysamen, who was even able to become a full time online marketer

Make Money with a Blog Success - Lynne Huysamen

… and Edy Chandra made up to 5 figures in less than a year.

Make Money with a Blog Success - Edy Chandra

If you are really serious about making money online and willing to spend a significant amount of time and energy on building a sustainable income stream, then I highly recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a try. It’s an all-in-one training and (very active!) community for aspiring affiliate marketers, the best I know, the one that helped me and my friends build our shenanigans from the ground up.

To learn more, here’s a review I’ve written on my experience at Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017: Is it Worh It?

It’s my longest review ever and I also share a step-by-step guide and tips to secure your success with Wealthy Affiliate from the ground up from

Step 1. Sign up
Step 2. Say hi
Step 3. “Get Started Here”
Step 4. Learn from the best
Step 5. Leverage all the awesome features
Step 6. Show up all day, every day

Alright, I hope my take of Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income has helped you learn something more about the online marketing world, which is as much about hard work and skills as anything else.

If you have any questions about Copy Paste Income or anything else, feel free to drop a comment. I’ll try my best to answer!

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  1. Nice post about earn money online, but the person who works this, they don’t get much money as its deserving.

    • Hey there Garima, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. If you are saying the folks who makes money online don’t make as much as they deserve, I’ve personally found this whole experience quite the opposite. And all of those who tried the hardest usually are rewarded with a good stream of “passive” income. Pat Flynn is a great example. 🙂


  2. I’ve heard of Ewen Chia before but I was unaware of the legitimacy of his products. Cheers for this review – clears a lot of ‘black space’ up!

    • Thanks Nicoli! Yes, I’m quite surprised myself by the process and “teachings” of these make money online programs. Glad you enjoyed it. 😉

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi Anh,

    Unfortunately, it is in human nature to seek the easy way to do things. Why cast a thousand rods to get a thousand fish when you can simply cast a net and get the same amount?

    Why hunt, skin and prepare an animal to eat when you can get it at the supermarket.

    One thing we ought to not do is take the easy method when it comes to knowledge and earning an online income.

    What if the system worked?

    I’d get wealthy perhaps but lack any real depth of knowledge as why I did or how the method really worked which leaves little room for making the process sustainable if sales suddenly plummeted!.

    The only “Easy Way” I know is Your second option Wealthy Affiliate but there is a reason I have used speech marks – it is hard work – and worth it!

    • Anh Nguyen

      So well said Derek. It’s really hard to get any successes with these kind of products, I see a lot of gurus promoting a magic button or autopilot systems, but the truth is, unless they just give you their already running, profitable, business and switched their payment method with yours, you just won’t be able to build something from scratch while lacking actual knowledge on the subject. Much like trying to paint or speak another language or bake.

      Thanks for sharing!



  4. Riaz Shah

    Hey Anh,
    Copy Paste Income is a scam and Ewen Chia is the king of internet scams from Singapore. When I met him few years ago here in Malaysia, he was so nice and polite when talking to me.

    However after joining his program and asking for help, he completely ignored me and asked me to buy his upsells in order to get more access to him which wasn’t as he promised. Stay away from this program, so glad you did a review on this man. Keep up the good work!

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey Riaz, sorry to hear about your experience. I also met Ewen when he came to Vietnam back in 2014, he’s a great and inspirational guy in-person, but I didn’t get such great support in his support group on Facebook. In fact, my messages are deleted when I mentioned something about scams. I haven’t contacted him since.

      Thanks for the nice words as always, you too! 😉



  5. Nick

    Anh, thank you for spending your money on that copy and paste method so we did not have to. I have been a sucker for systems like that in the past. It is nice to get a review from someone willing to take the leap first.

    I also appreciate the extra effort to point us in the right direction with your review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    With a quick glance is there a way to tell if other programs are similar to the copy and past method you mentioned? Just wondering so I and others don’t wast more time on false claims. Or do we need to always do thorough research?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Nick, awesome question. There are a few pointers when it comes to determining scams in my opinion such as the hypes ($3,000 in a week for example), and the credibility of the seller. Either way, I would recommend more throughout research if you are tempted to a product you’re not entirely sure about.

      I hope this helps!



  6. Simon

    When I saw your 1 star rating at first glance I thought what are we in for here:

    Copy and paste is what Search Engines scour upon. You are right, this is an old method whilst there still maybe a little throughput Social Media too is starting to provide defence against these scammy companies, although very slowly.

    Upsells, upsells and more upsells, don’t they run up steep. These scam companies are all the same and follow the same procedure grabbing money off newbies, Facebook is littered with this type of so called business.

    Another fail-proof system. Not.

    Thanks for your review,

    • Anh Nguyen

      Simon, very well said. Yes, there are so many of these out there, it can be disheartening. I know I was pretty lost myself when I started.

  7. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    I have came across so many systems such as the Copy Paste Income while looking for a legit way to make money online and all claim one thing that is an automatic sign it is to good to be true making money in a matter of weeks.

    There is no get rich quick scheme only scam and the only one who gets rich is the one selling the membership plans.

    As you have I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate…. Thank you, great post and thanks for pointing out the true behind Copy Paste Income!

    • Anh Nguyen

      Salvatore, it’s my pleasure. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve fow WA, it’s truly a great course and community. I wouldn’t be here without it.

  8. Hello,

    I’m kinda new here and I guess I just learned some awesome tips about making money online. Secondly about the copy paste product which I wasn’t aware of.

    • Welcome, James. I’m glad to hear you learnt something new from the blog! For a headstart, I think you’ll like this post where I talk about making passive income online. 🙂

      Wish you all the best with your online marketing endeavours.