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Are Clickbank Products Worth Your Time?

Clickbank is an online marketplace for digital information products that connects sellers to affiliate marketers who can help them sell for commissions. You can have up to 50-75% of the sale which enables you to make from $15 to $25 or more per sale depending on products.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate marketer?

There is no reason you’d even consider doing something that does not work well, right? Here are the benefits you have when promoting Clickbank products and why a lot of people are joining their affiliate program.

  • You don’t have to create a product yourself.
  • The sellers already has websites to promote and persuade the visitors for you. Your only job is to drive traffic to that page.
  • High commission rate and you can also get good recurring commissions from products that offers memberships etc.
  • Clickbank is known for paying on time and is a reliable website, so you don’t have to worry about that.

With these, Clickbank is a pretty good platform and that’s the reason why expert internet marketers would recommend it to beginners. Continue reading…

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Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

When I first started with affiliate marketing, I signed up for an account at ClickBank and innocently decided I will promote the top product in the affiliate marketing category and that was the CB Passive Income, a complete build-for-you program that promises you ongoing passive income.
I learned to drive traffic there and it went pretty well, until I realize… no one was buying.

I spent days on end working on email marketing and finally, I though better and decided I need to try the CB Passive Income myself. Long story short, I realize the program has very low conversion rate and I didn’t make a dime from it. Continue reading…

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3 Fundamentals to Build Your Online Business

Does make money online sound like a far-fetched dream to you? I know it was for me before I started my journey of learning and meeting people who are actually making money and some millions on the internet.

And I am not talking about Facebook, Twitter or YouTube etc.

But the regular one man team guys… like me and you. Chances are we’ve heard of the internet successes, or we just frequent the internet a lot until one day we decided instead of wasting time and money on games and chats, we are gonna make some. Better, we’re gonna become millionaires!

Wait right there, before you start anything look at these tips. Trust me, they will save you a lot of nerves and bad investments. Continue reading…