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8 Tips to Expand your Blogging Network

Blogs serve a myriad of purposes. They give people a platform to express their views, expand their audiences well beyond their neighborhood, and connect to people with shared views and interests.

There are millions of blogs online today with posts on a wide variety of topics. Chances are you can pretty much find a blog on anything with just a quick search. Anyone can start a blog, but it takes dedication and hard work to make it successful.

You could have the most well written blog on the planet, but if only a few people are reading it, what good does it do? That’s why it’s important to commit to updating your blog regularly and building a large network. Below are eight strategies you can use to generate more exposure for your blog and expand your network. Continue reading…

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Blogging Success: 100+ Experts Share their Greatest Accomplishment (Updated July 2017)

Since 2007, a movement was started to redefine one single word.

According to the Merriam-Webster, success is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame”. However Strayer University pointed out that modern success is more aligned with self-fulfillment, and the achievement of personal goals.

So what does it mean for us bloggers?

I set out to find the answer by reaching out to over 100 successful experts to ask one simple question:

As a blogger, what is your greatest accomplishment?

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, everyone has their own take, from Yaro Starak to Ted Rubin to Neil Patel.

Through this thought-provoking post, I’d like to raise awareness on the importance of contemplating what success really means to you before setting out to achieve it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with whatever makes you tick, because, as you will see, we are all different.

Enjoy! Continue reading…

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11 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A New Blog

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well.

If you are yet to start a blog, then this post could be a live safer.

Let’s face it:

Did you know 90% blogs fail?

It might be yours too.

Blogs can fail due to many reasons, and in this post, we will cover the top 11 mistakes you should avoid before starting a new blog.

Let’s jump right into it. Continue reading…

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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: 5 Tips To Monetize Your Blog

“I want to monetize my blog, but I don’t want to put ads on it.”

If this is you, then you’re the reason I wrote this post.

There are a whooping ten of million blogs worldwide. And 60 millions of them powered by WordPress alone, yet most bloggers didn’t monetize their blog.

Whether you want to make an extra from your hobby or build an online business, a good place to start is with affiliate marketing. In this post, I’d like to share everything I know about affiliate marketing as a blogger. Continue reading…

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How To Write Content For Your Website That Sells

As an internet marketer, crafting content that encourages readers to take action is your number one goal.

Content is what brings readers to your site. Without it, it would be impossible to build an audience and make online sales. That’s why learning how to write intriguing articles is extremely important for any online business.

I always recommend new marketers to study copywriting and sales tactics because each article you write can be used as a sales pitch of sorts. If people read and like your articles, they’re more likely to purchase products from you.

I have been writing articles for my website for that past two years and during this time period I have had the opportunity to see, in real-time, which articles bring in traffic and which ones don’t.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the lessons about how to write content for your website that I have learned over a two-year period of online business.

These lessons will not only make it easier for you to write content that brings in traffic and converts, but they’ll also help you make the switch from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset. Continue reading…

How to Buy From Fiverr [The Ultimate Guide]

What can you do with 5 bucks?

For one, either treat yourself to Starbucks or grow your business with Fiverr, the ever growing marketplace for creative professionals, unique for its’ tiny price – starting only at $5.

And with that, there are bound to be hundreds of gigs that are useful to your business, ranging from logo design, WordPress fix, video introductions, infographics and more.

If you are a new Fiverr user looking to learn the ropes on how to buy a gig and get exactly what you want, then this post is for you.

Based on my researches and experience, below is the ultimate guide on how to buy from Fiverr.

The best part is that this process is extremely easy to learn. In fact, you only need to follow 4 simple steps

  1. Find the best offer
  2. Place your order
  3. Ask for revisions
  4. Complete order

Are you ready?

Let’s go! Continue reading…

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45 Mind-blowing Statistics on Blogging

Last update February 27th, 2016

Have you ever asked yourself what are the odds of building a profitable blog? How long will it take to earn a sustainable income?

Recently, I received a comment from Dave and he asked…

Dave Sweney ask

While I do know some people earning up to to $100,000 per month (like Pat Flynn) through their online business, I have not delved into the percentages of just how many people who tried had made it that far. Continue reading…

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How my New Blog Attracts 526 Comments

Last update February 28th, 2016

Anyone with minimum computer skills can own a blog.

But the real question is among 173MM blogs worldwide, how is your blog gonna get noticed, and why would people bother leaving a comment?

If you a blogger, you will know that getting 5 comments is already hard. Even big blogs like ProBlogger and The Smarth Passive Income struggle with constant user interactions. And they have thousands of visitors per month.

In this post I will share with you how my blog, that’s only three month old, already has 526 comments (263 unique comments because half of them are my replies).

Bloggingthing Dashboard - Number of Comments

With this method you can get as much quality comments as you want if you put in the time and efforts. Here are a few comments I receive daily. Continue reading…

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5 Online Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow

There are not only make money online courses out there. With the development of the internet and the online marketing business comes several blogs that teach about online marketing.

When I fist started out, I didn’t know about this… I spent $1,000 on a course to learn the basics about online marketing.
Later when I dive deeper into the business, I found some blogs that offers in-depth information about how to online marketing, website building, traffic building, SEO etc.

They basically taught most of what I spent money to learn for free… and more. What a funny creature the internet is!

These blogs are not in a particular ranking order (it’s truthfully too hard to judge!). I put them according to what I think you should read first. It goes from blogs that’s more general about online marketing and mindset development to expert interviews, guides, case-studies to researches about traffic building and SEO.

With no further ado, let’s dive in! Continue reading…