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100+ Powerful Beginner Tips From Expert Bloggers (Updated December 2019)

I asked my favourite experts from

… for their one advice to new bloggers. To my surprise, they shared some of the most powerful insights I’ve ever heard.

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Add Value

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau

Care about your readers more than anything.

Colton Parrett

Colton Parrett
Digital Time Freedom

Your only mission is to create valuable content.

William Harris

William Harris

Focus on quality content. The world is getting tired of over-promising titles and under-delivering content.

Steph Crowder

Steph Crowder

Focus on providing value in that context, treat your ideas as hypotheses and then just start creating so you can learn what works!

Daniel Glickman

Daniel Glickman

Focus on creating content that no one else can create such as data that only you have access to or unique insights that your experience/job provides you with.

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel

I recommend new bloggers focus on creating Quality!

Quality content, traffic and most importantly relationships. This means write less frequently but better and more in-depth content, focus on engagement with readers instead of traffic count and lastly, build connections with industry leaders.

Back in the 90s, Bill Gates went as far as claiming “Content is King”.

Bill Gates - Content is King

While not everyone agrees with Mr.Gates, we are all aware of the importance of content when

Lindsay Ostrom

Lindsay Ostrom
Pinch of Yum

Focus on your content.

There are so many “shiny objects” or new things out there that can distract you from actually doing the work, but the core of building a business through a blog is the level of value you can create through your content.

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

Don’t write a blog about your products and services. Nobody cares. Instead create interesting information that educates and informs your existing and potential customers.

Ramsay Taplin

Ramsay Taplin
Blog Tyrant

I really think that the most important thing is to find a way to solve people’s problems in a very distinctive way.

I always advise new bloggers to think about starting a blog on their own host that they own and control, and then go about building a fantastic brand that helps people in a memorable way.

Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson

Focus on creating insanely detailed, super helpful resources for your audience to help them through a pain point or walk them through a process.

Add so much value to their lives that they would have paid you to write the articles you write. Spend an hour of super-focused work each day on your blog and you’ll see it grow.

James Parsons

James Parsons

My one advice is to put quality and helpfulness before everything else.

If a post is thorough and genuinely useful, it will likely be a large piece complete with images, videos, links, and other resources to help your visitors. If you are posting blog posts that are short and aren’t helpful, or that you don’t feel proud enough about it to share to your personal social media profiles, then chances are it will not perform well at all.

Keep the quality of the content on your site high and Google will thank you for it.

From their monster roundup, Ahrefs found the majority of interviewed experts agreed that epic content is their best link building strategy.

90 SEO Experts Talk White Hat Link Building, Outsourcing And Scaling - Ahrefs

According to the dictionary “epic” is something that’s:

  • heroic or grand in scale or character


  • particularly impressive or remarkable.

While there are no set rules to creating epic contents, Neil Patel sets out to list 14 examples that defines epicness.

14 Examples of Truly Epic Content  - QuickSprout Neil Patel

Tadeusz Szewczyk

Tadeusz Szewczyk

I’m glad you ask! These days you rather get inundated with dozens or hundreds of “tips”. I’ve been guilty of focusing on lists full of shallow advice in the past as well. Thus a question focusing on just one high quality piece of advice is a good start indeed. Usually I suck at choosing “the best” this or that but in your case the response came quickly out of nowhere: give to get!

Giving before receiving is the foremost advice I can give bloggers in general but new bloggers in particular.

You can have the best blog out there with exceptional content of the most attractive kind but when you’re selfish you’ll fail at blogging sooner or later. I can even see this in my own blogging practice.

The minute I turn self-promotional and forget about my readers, supporters and long-time allies I already sense a silence where there is chatter usually.

Camilla Hallstrom

Camilla Hallstrom
99 Smart Ideas

The single best way to stand out as a blogger is to provide massive amounts of value.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an influencer, a blog reader, or a Twitter connection – you need to provide value in the form of hyper actionable blog posts, generous compliments, or by sharing an article.

Ben Green

Ben Green

Don’t try and compete with everybody for reader’s attention, there is too much noise. Bloggers need to find their niche with quality content and not just quantity.

Simplify complex subjects. This one is two-sided.

First, you have to begin with subjects that are complex. Readers can find fluff everywhere they look on the Internet; to stand out, you have to give them meat.

But, more than that, you have to offer that meat in small enough bites to allow even the most uninitiated to chew and digest it.

Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito

When you’re about to publish, ask yourself:

“Does my post deserve to be on the Internet? Does it add new information, provide new insights, contribute with something unique?”

If the answer is no, go back to your draft. Don’t add to the noise. Make sure you create content people really need.

Michael D. Pollock

Michael D. Pollock

If you want to build a loyal audience of readers who may eventually buy something you offer, focus your blog around a common problem or interest that’s shared by a large group of people.

Then write to SERVE the needs of that audience. Personal blogs in which you ramble on about your political views and life experiences are great if you just want to write, but they usually don’t attract a loyal following.

Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg

Focus your writing on answering the questions that will help your customers buy, not on how to sell them.

It is a simple shift in perspective but it changes your expectations and style. Too many new bloggers are too eager to get shares and likes but often don’t realize that those vanity metrics don’t often correlate with the ability to help your customers gain the confidence that their needs have been met by your content.

BANNER - Know your Audience 04

Know your Audience

Michael A. Stelzner

Michael A. Stelzner
Social Media Examiner

Know your audience.

Shannon Byrne

Shannon Byrne

Know your audience.

Know your audience’s deepest wishes and biggest fears.

Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova

Find YOUR PEOPLE. They will give you direction and purpose.

Karl Staib

Karl Staib
Work Happy Now

Know why you want to help your audience. (Your purpose)

Nate Shivar

Nate Shivar

If your goal is to build a readership, you need to write for a specific audience – *not* a topic, keyword, passion, yourself, etc.

When you write for a typical member of an audience (a “persona” in marketing jargon) it changes what you write, how you write & why you write for the better.

Quick Sprout’s Complete Guide to Building your Blog Audience gives further details on shaping your target audience.

Complete Guide to Building your Blog Audience - QuickSprout

Make this as detailed as you can.

Give the person an age, job, location, etc. List their hobbies and the type of information they like to read online.

Finally, include the types of websites they use and their preferred social networks.

Dominique Jackson

Dominique Jackson

Define your target audience.

Knowing who you’re writing for will steer the direction of your content. In order to define that audience, start by creating a customer avatar. Your avatar is your ideal reader/customer. Spell out the important details of your avatar like their:

•    Age
•    Gender
•    Location
•    Income
•    Education level
•    Career/ occupation
•    Hobbies
•    Biggest issues/ obstacles

You can even give them a name.

Have your avatar written down in a document. Every piece of content you publish should be tailored to your avatar. Not everyone that visits your blog will match your avatar, but the idea is to shape your content around your ideal reader so that when they come to your blog they feel like it’s tailor-made to them.

The end result is a closer connection to them and the ability to convert them into a follower, email subscriber, lead or customer.

Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie Lussier

Write for your ideal customers, not your peers.

If you read a lot of blogs in your niche or topic area, think about how you can speak to those who aren’t like you soaking up all this same information. That’s how you’ll stand out.

Steph Crowder

Steph Crowder

Understand who you are writing for, and know as much about them as possible — their interests, their style and, most importantly, their big problems to be solved.

What’s going to motivate them to subscribe and become a long-term reader?

Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn Andrews

Practice empathy. Best practices for social media and online publishing change often, but putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience is one of the most important and effective keys to building your platform.

Would you appreciate a tutorial about that topic? Would you respond to that sponsored post? Would you appreciate another email about that launch? Would you share that post? Be honest and adjust accordingly.

To start defining your audience, Fizzle offers their creative guide with 12 expert interviews and questions to ask about your audience.

Guide to Defining your Audience - Fizzle

Don’t build a blog.

Focus on your particular content niche and very specific target audience. How can you tell a consistently different story for that audience. How best is that story told? It may be a blog. It may not.

Focus on one content type, one main platform and consistently deliver over time.

Build THE content destination for that group. Set your goal to be the leading informational provider for that niche. Don’t settle for less.

Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Thomas Umstattd Jr.
Author Media

Learn to use Google Analytics to listen to your readers. Let them tell you what to blog about. They know what they want better than you.

Ron Stefanski

Ron Stefanski
One Hour Professor

Your data is the most valuable thing you have. Install Analytics and Webmaster tools and follow your data to understand what your audience and the search engines want.

Martin Shervington

Martin Shervington
Plus Your Business

When I started blogging I started ‘in platform’ (on Google+) before moving attention to my blog.

At that time, people’s comments directed every future post, encouraging me to keep writing, and I gradually I built an engaged audience and a following. My advice is this: build a micro-community around you, listen to them, and write for them as much as you can.

Alex Turnbull

Alex Turnbull

Conversion “hacks” might be sexy, but the best long-term results come from devoting a lot of time early onto doing one simple thing right: working hard to understand your audience.

Talking to them, emailing back and forth, sending surveys.

That will give you the insight you need to solve their deepest problems with your content, and if you can do that well, everything else becomes easy.

BANNER - Be Consistent 04

Be Consistent

Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk

Keep writing.

Emily Bennington 02

Emily Bennington

Be consistent. Consistency allows readers to trust you.

Krista Gray

Krista Gray

Be consistent. Give readers new things to read and think about often, inspiring them to come back for more.

Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo

Blog consistently. So many people quit after the 3 month mark. The sign of a good blogger is someone who can provide value week after week. People don’t follow people who are unpredictable.

Writing and publishing content consistently is my #1 tip to new bloggers. High-quality content can help boost your site’s ranking on search engines. It can also help you garner more leads. In addition, through continuously creating benefit-focused content you will be able to build a strong list of dedicated followers for your blog.

Apart from Content, you should also ensure that your site is well-optimised and consist of target keywords, which will make it easier for your audience to find you online. Furthermore, ensure that your site’s speed is optimal at all times and that it is easily accessible across various mobile devices.

Social Media is another important factor for the success of your blog and as such, you need to ensure that your brand is present across all relevant social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others social channels that you consider essential.

Vladimir Gendelman

Vladimir Gendelman
Company Folders, Inc.

Be consistent. Every company has a story to tell, and deviating from that story can confuse your readers. It’s important to make sure that your story is consistent throughout every blog post you write. If you do decide to update your story or your brand values, bring your customers along for the ride by explaining what the changes are and why they’re happening. This will make readers feel involved in your blog and your company, helping to earn their trust and turn them into clients.

According to HubSpot, companies that published more than 16 blog posts per month got 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published 0 – 4 per month.

Consistent Blogging Traffic - HubSpot

While you don’t need to work yourself like a corporate or write 8 blog posts a week like Neil Patel, you definitely want to let your readers know they can rely on you for fresh content.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Consistency is one of the most important things that bloggers tend to forget. It’s much easier to lose your traffic than it is to build it up, so make sure you consistently blog.

Paula Rizzo

Paula Rizzo
List Producer

Be consistent! Figure out how often you want to blog and make yourself an editorial calendar and stick with it.

When you hold yourself accountable and have a plan laid out – you can expect to be much more successful at sticking with blogging.

Ravi Chahar

Ravi Chahar

The most important thing to build a longer lasting business is consistency.

It is the boosting power weapon for a blogger. If you are regular with your writing and promotion then you will reach the cloud of success. Don’t get distracted from your goals.

Colby Morita

Colby Morita
Puppy in Training

Be consistent, be persistent.

Colby speaks from experience;

I was very good about being a consistent blogger, but the past year or 2 or 3 I slipped off the path and unless you consider one blog post about every other month consistent then I am failing.

To start planning your updates, CoSchedule offers their free Content Editorial Calendar Templates broken down into three worksheets:

  • Annual overview
  • Collect ideas
  • Monthly calendars

Editorial Calendar Templates - CoSchedule

Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine Marrouat
Social Media Slant

One of the most important things after knowing your audience and finding your topic is consistency. Too often, I see bloggers post whenever they feel like it instead of focusing on building momentum and reader loyalty.

If you can’t post every day, that’s ok. I only have time for one article a week. However, make sure that you always publish on the same day.

Christian Karasiewicz

Christian Karasiewicz

Set yourself up for success by creating an editorial calendar. These are the topics you plan to write about for the month.

Consider creating a separate calendar for your blog using Google Calendar. This way you can take the topics you’ve selected and schedule them out on your calendar so that you know what tasks you need to complete for the month and by when.

Remember, focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity of content you write.

At first, you may find it challenging to stick with the schedule you created. You want to work at this with each new post you write so that you are constantly improving.

A tool I use to help keep me on track is Streaks. It let’s me set tasks I want to complete and how often. For example, write 500 words per day, Monday through Friday. If I complete the task that day, I mark it off and build a streak with each day that I write.

The more you consistently hit your goals and keep the streak alive, the more it can help boost your confidence as a blogger.

Anthony Metivier

Anthony Metivier
Magnetic Memory Method

Write at least 1000 words every day on your topic for three months before starting your blog. If you can’t do that, complete this exercise with other topics until you do find a sufficiently narrow topic you’re so passionate about that you can write at least that much, if not more.

The benefit of preparing yourself like this ensures that you’ll have:

1.    Raw material for months of blog posts you can publish while doing guest blogging to get traffic and subscribers.

2.    The basis for a book or course to offer your subscribers.

3.    Significant expertise on your topic (because to write that much, you’ll be doing research that goes beyond the strange “read three books and you’re an expert” myth).

Write on!

Anthony continued:

I can put my money where my mouth is on this one because it’s exactly what I did. It took me two topics before I found one that I could do this with and I’ve been going strong ever since.

I’ve played around with other topics since, but still haven’t found anything I can write that passionately about.

Samar Owais

Samar Owais

Have a plan – before you write a single word for your blog. From the boring stuff like who your target audience is, what your blog’s niche is, to writing copy for your blog and coming up with the first few blog post ideas.

And don’t just stop there. Plan further ahead. How are you going to attract readers? What newsletter incentive are you going to offer (if any). The content and duration of your auto responder series. If you decide to take a year long break from blogging, will your content survive the test of time? Are you going to follow conventional blogging wisdom or pave your own way by following your guts? What’s the end goal of your blog?

Think of everything and plan for it (even if it’s vague) before investing your time and energy in a blog. Take the time to go over the idea to find out if it’s a commitment you can make for the long-term – even if it takes you a few months.

Remember, blogging is a marathon and not a sprint. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of success.

Bishal Biswas

Bishal Biswas
Viral Blog Tips

The hallmark of an achiever is that he puts his best effort towards his work; and, even if he fails – he continues the count.

Don’t just quit. Set a goal, and work your butts-off towards it. Strategically plan & play it hard, eventually you’ll succeed.

BANNER - Keep Learning 03

Keep Learning

Marc Chernoff

Marc Chernoff
Marc and Angel

Read more. Experience more.

Karl Staib

Karl Staib
Work Happy Now

Read an article from another great blogger at least once a day.

Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova

Experiment. It will help you figure out what you really want to write about, what people want to read from you, and what the possible direction of your blog could be.

This is the time to have fun with it; you’ll have plenty of time later to freak out about focus and strategy.

Pauline Cabrera

Pauline Cabrera
Twelve Skip

Read other blogs or books and learn from them! I highly recommend reading blogs that teach you how to blog effectively and those blogs that shares their blogging story.

You’ll learn faster this way and apply their techniques to your blog. You can even learn from their mistakes so that you can avoid making them in future.

Become the expert in your niche.

Research as much information that people would like to know and give away valuable tips to your readers. Keep learning about your niche everyday.

Sylviane Nuccio

Sylviane Nuccio

My advice to new bloggers is that you should learn as much as possible about blogging and writing before you start a blog.

Of course we all learn as we go and practice, but the better prepared a new blogger will be with as much specific knowledge as possible, the better off he or she will be, attracting the right target market from the get go.

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal
Shout Me Loud

Taste Blood Every Day

Blogging is one of its kind lifestyle where you will be learning something new every day. Sometime willingly & at times because you have no choice. It could be as simple as setting up the email newsletter or configuring that complex Yoast SEO plugin. Hiring a freelancer or developer to design your blog is also a part of learning. Writing conversational blog post is also part of learning & so is making money from the blog.

The key to success & survival is to learn every day. Get ready to taste blood every day.

Venchito Tampon

Venchito Tampon
Sharp Rocket

Be a proactive learner.

There are many things that a starter in the search industry can do in order to learn new things, a few of them are:

•    Subscribe to email lists of five to ten popular and valuable blogs and spend time reading their newest entries (my recommended list of blogs: Moz.com,Siegemedia.com, Searchenginewatch.com and Searchengineland.com)

•    Buy marketing-related books to innovate your strategies and techniques in inbound marketing and blogging (e.g. Seth Godin’s Linchpin and Permission Marketing).

•    Build friendships and networks with offline colleagues. This can help you establish strong connections and later on business and blogger partnerships.

My best (but not always the easiest) advice I’d give to new bloggers is this: get a second opinion.

When you are first starting, you are most likely to be one of two things: either overly excited about everything you do (‘How could anyone possibly not like what I’ve come up with?! – it’s brilliant, if I may say so myself!’) or very unsure of yourself (‘Is anything I do good enough?’).

Either way, find someone whose opinion you trust and respect – preferably someone who’s already successful in your niche, and ask them.

Don’t be afraid to approach them, as long as you are truly asking them for help and not self-promoting disguised as asking for help.

And when they honestly tell you (even or especially if you don’t like what they’ve said), take it to heart. Think about it. Change your business accordingly.

Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey
The Blind Blogger

No one can know it all. We all have to ask for and receive help from time to time.

Refusing to ask for help prevents you from faster growth and robs the other person of the joy that comes from helping another human being by sharing their knowledge, experience, talents, skills, etc.

Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner

The most important advice I can give to any new blogger (or freelancer or entrepreneur) is to get a mentor who has already accomplished what you wish to do.

Ignore all advice from people who do not have experience and don’t keep buying how-to ebooks or courses. Choose one and do what they recommend.

David Cain

David Cain

Take a blogging course of some kind, one you have to pay for.

A decent course will save you hundreds of hours and will give you an edge on everyone who’s afraid to spring for quality instruction. Best money I ever spent.

David’s recommended courses are

I took Blog Mastermind back in 2009 and it was awesome. It’s expensive though. It was 500 dollars when I took it, and now I think it’s double that. But it was worth every penny to me. It changed my life and now I blog for a living.

There’s also Fizzle.co, which is actually a collection of different courses on everything to do with online business, including blogging. It’s not nearly as in depth though but it’s a good start. I think it’s 35 dollars a month.

My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate – an affordable course on affiliate marketing and blogging with an awesome community.

While learning is great, John Meese added…

John Meese

John Meese

Create more than you research.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of reading endless books, blog posts, and the like on how to grow a blog or launch your own products, but the fastest way to learn is to do it yourself.

BANNER - Be Patient 03

Be Patient

Colby Morita

Colby Morita
Puppy in Training

Be patient.

Jimmy Daly

Jimmy Daly

Aim for slow, steady growth. (And read Big Wins for Content Marketing.)

Joel Runyon

Joel Runyon

Make a schedule and prepare to invest a year into blogging. If you give up before then, you’ll never give yourself enough time to make an impact.

Set realistic expectations. Blogging is a marathon, it is not a sprint. Do not expect a large audience and revenue on day one. Be prepared to put in the effort over a longer period of time.

Small steps and tiny wins will result in big achievements over time.

Everywhereist is a great example, started back in 2010 it took Geraldine 2.5 years to see 1000s of traffic.

Everywhereist- Blog traffic

Imagine how long you want it to take you to succeed, and then double it. Most people fail simply because they give up too early or become impatient.

If someone could get over whether or not they’ll succeed and just get on with it, they’d be almost certain to be successful.

You should never attempt to make money with your blog unless you consider yourself “patient”.

There is no instant gratifications in this business and no, you won’t make “thousands by tomorrow morning”. Be prepared to blog for weeks before anybody ever reads a word of what you wrote and months before you even see a hint of income.

Just keep going, work hard and one day, out of nowhere, you will have a successful blog.

Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

My one piece of advice to new bloggers is “Patience.”

Don’t start a blog and expect things to suddenly take off in a few weeks. You need to be patient and keep working at it.

Do keyword research, promote your blog posts, reach out to influencers, create amazing content, the list goes on. Blogging is by no means easy work, but it can also be very rewarding.

Hard work does pay off.

Harris Schachter

Harris Schachter

Have patience and persistence. Because blogs take such a long time to see real value from (think 1-2 years) it is important to not set expectations too high at first, because that will only lead to frustration.

The best way to approach a blog within the first year is to assume no one will read it you’ll be more motivated when it comes to promotion and be pleasantly surprised when the traffic comes in.

In The True Story Of My Overnight Success, Michael Dunlop hilariously reveals his journey as a blogger from hiring a 13 years old designer and having his site shut down because of bad coding to earning a full-time income from his blog.

Michael concluded:

As you can see, I did not always get it right – but you will also I hope note that I NEVER GAVE UP.

Picture yourself in 10 years. Imagine that you just cracked the “code” of making money online after a decade of no profit and working many tireless, frustrating hours on your website. But now you have the rest of your life to enjoy working from home, working for yourself, and doing something you love.

Were those 10 years wasted?


They are the thing that created a smart, savvy, successful business person. So next time you want to quit, just remember that it may take longer than you imagined to achieve your goals but no matter how long it takes, it will always be worth the effort.

Lisa Kardos, Ph.D

Lisa Kardos, Ph.D
Optimize Books

Persist in a thoughtful way.

Blogging is very hard for most beginners. It’s easy to think that you should give up and quit. But, by committing to it, and using careful thought as you continue to grow your audience and blog, you will eventually start to receive feedback that you are contributing to someone else’s life!

Ash Read

Ashley Read

Don’t give up.

Nothing worth having come easy and too many bloggers let their dreams die by giving up too soon. Growing a loyal following and audience won’t happen overnight.

Steven J Wilson

Steven J. Wilson
The Visual Life

Focus on the little wins. There are so many post out there with, How To Get Thousands Of Visitors a Day, which can create unrealistic expectations.

It can make you feel as if you are not succeeding.

The more visitors and subscribers you have the better for sure but if you go from 10 visitors a day, to 20 in the next week, you are doing great. It’s all about progression not instant successes.

BANNER - Focus 02


Joel Runyon

Joel Runyon

Have a focus.

Have a clear purpose and be relentless in pursuing it.

If forced to give just ONE piece of advice to a new blogger, I’d have to say find a niche and stick with it. Think about what truly inspires you and make that your area of speciality, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

A blogger must be very clear on what he is going to do and how he will do that.

Experimentation does have its own value while doing a project but it should be up to a limit. Otherwise his blog would become a testing laboratory instead of a success model. So with very clear objectives and quite simple strategy to achieve them one can be a successful blogger with a little smart work and consistency.

In The Myth Of “Being Everywhere” And The Smarter Path To Traffic, Yaro Starak debunked the famous myth that you need to be on every social media to succeed.

It appears that some people succeed at being everywhere and using all the top platforms for traffic, the truth is they don’t.

If you were to dig into their statistics you will see that the truly valuable traffic – the audience that makes them money – predominately comes from ONE or maybe at most, two channels.

Yaro himself confessed the majority of his traffic comes from organic searches because he’s best at content marketing.

Julie R. Neidlinger

Julie R. Neidlinger
Lone Prairie

Don’t be distracted by the peripherals.

There are lots to consider in content marketing (engagement, brand, reputation, growth, etc.), but when it comes to blogging, it’s all about one thing: writing. Write well, write often. Writing now is your practice for future great writing. So avoid being overwhelmed by the rest.

Focus on writing. Get that habit first.

A lot of people think they can just throw up some ads or affiliate links, but people who do well with blogging tend to spend a lot more time creating a business strategy, which can include creating products or setting up a sales funnel.

It’s a lot easier to invest the time into making your blog successful if you are making income from it.

Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey
The Blind Blogger

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to do it all at once.

For example when it comes to social media pick one network to start from and then expand out to others after you have grown the first network. Don’t feel like you have to be on every single network or even have to adopt whatever the heart is saying is the latest and greatest platform.

Don’t be afraid to abandon practices or choose not to adopt them if they don’t feel like they fit your personal style or beliefs. This is your baby, and you will be raising it for many years to come I hope.

So, be kind to yourself and run your website, blog podcast, etc in a way that fits your personality.

Michelle Hill

Michelle Hill
Vertical Leap

Spend as much time as you can on the blog title.

Write it loosely at the beginning, keep referring to it throughout your writing to keep you on track and then re-write it at the end. If you’ve got time, leave it overnight then look at it again in the morning – would you still click-through to read it?

Ask 3 or 4 other people if they would click on it and what changes would they make, if any.

Jon Morrow offers 52 headline hacks to blog posts that goes viral to start improving your blog title.

A Cheat Sheet for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral - Boost Blog Traffic

Michael Karp

Michael Karp

Focus on free traffic before going the paid route.

Reach out to other bloggers, put together expert roundups like Anh is doing here, and plan out an SEO strategy if that’s viable in your niche.

You want to establish a base level of consistent free traffic and subscribers, to make sure you don’t sink in too much cash too early. It can be REALLY discouraging to pay $200 and see those traffic stats shoot up and right back down again (and stay there).

In this article, I break down 21 ways people can drive traffic for free. I’d say the best bang for your buck would come from the outreach strategies (#2), niche communities (#5), top X articles (#6), and expert roundups (#12).

Once you’ve got a steady level of free traffic coming in, and a way to monetize your blog, paid advertising can really ramp things up and help you scale.

In the start you are totally clueless, even though you have read a gazillion of blog posts and bought a lot of courses. Yeah, I’ve been there too. I was really banging my head against the wall… repeatedly.

Then I found out that I couldn’t take the frustration and sucking any more.

So I DECIDED to do something about it.

Well, since I’m in a really awesome mood today, I will give you my TWO best tips for beginning bloggers (look at it as happy hour).

I did the following:

1.    Hire a coach that had the results I wanted.
2.    Focused on improving own productivity so I could reach my goals FAST.

My most important activities for my blog was:
•    Networking with influencers
•    Commenting on other people’s blogs
•    Guest posting
•    Getting targeted followers on Twitter FAST

Did it work?

Judge for yourself.

In less than 10 months I managed to:

•    I won the “Most Epic” blog post category on Jon Morrow’s blog – BoostBlogTraffic
•    I was included on the list of the top 100 personal development blogs
•    I got interviewed 9 times
•    My articles have been published on 24 blogs, including Tiny Buddha, Lifehacker, Pick The Brain, Addicted 2
Success and Jeff Bullas
•    Mentioned as an expert on 39 blogs, including Inc., SEMRush, Ahrefs, Post Planner and Monster
•    I wrote a blog post that got 20 000+ page views in 6 days, 1400+ social shares and 76 comments
•    I challenged myself to get 1000 subscribers in 60 days. I only worked for 40 days and got 779 subscribers organically

As a blogger and online entrepreneur your success is depending on HOW you spend your TIME and how good you are at ACHIEVING your GOALS.

Download this 9,205 words roundup as a PDF for reference anytime, anywhere.

BANNER - Be Genuine 03

Be Genuine

Don’t blog. Build a brand.

Emily Bennington 02

Emily Bennington

Be honest. Honesty allows readers to know you.

Pinoy Adventurista

Pinoy Adventurista

Always be true to your readers and followers.

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee

Just be YOU and put your story in your post.

Ryan Cruz

Ryan Cruz
Traffic Salad

You have to be yourself.

I believe that one way that you can really stand out in this very crowded space right now is by bringing something new to the table.

And by being yourself, that’s really something you need because there is only one of you.

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Find your voice, then be consistent and stick with it.

There will be the temptation to bounce around and try a lot of stuff, more stuff than is necessary. Being consistent and keeping it simple will usually be the key to longevity in your own efforts, and success from your efforts.

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Many times when I write a blog post, people will say “how did you know I was just thinking that?”

I don’t think I am necessarily smarter than anybody else but I do have the courage to SAY what other people might be only thinking.

When you get down to it, blogging success has a lot to do with courage — courage to step out, to say what needs to be said, to insert your voice and perspective into the story. It even takes courage to push that publish button when you are not completely sure!

Jess Ostroff

Jess Ostroff
Don’t Panic Mgmt

Work on refining your own unique voice​ every single day, and never, ever give up!

It’s easy to fall into the noise of all the other content creators out there, but if you can create consistent, helpful content that includes your own personal opinions, voice, and tone, you’ll be able to make an impact in the digital space and position yourself as a thought leader.

Remember: You can’t be a thought leader just by regurgitating other people’s ideas and never coming up with anything special.

You have to have original thoughts.

Constantly work on developing your voice and defining your niche, and you’ll be able to develop a loyal audience in return.

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis
Build your Own Blog

Every blogger has to write. No way around it. Which is why so many people never start or quit–they are intimidated by writing and mistakenly think you have to be a REAL GOOD writer. They feel like if they don’t write like a pro (someone who has been at it awhile) then no one will read their posts.

That’s putting a lot of pressure on yourself, bro.

Don’t try to be Shakespeare. Just be you.

New bloggers who feel insecure about their writing ability should get some voice recognition software and “write like you talk.” Approach your writing as if you’re speaking to someone. If voice recognition software helps you do that, then invest in it. If you can type like you talk, just do that.

This helps new bloggers get out of the paralysing fear of writing that initially plagues so many.

Over time, your writing skills will improve. You may eventually stop using the voice recognition software.

In the meantime, you have gained a bunch of experience creating content. It may not be perfect, but so what. You’re further along because you took action, writing like you talk.

Allison Barclay

Allison Barclay
Painted Summers

Share your journey and be transparent with your audience when you make a mistake.

People don’t want perfection.

They want honesty. When you start viewing mistakes as lessons to share instead of failures to hide, you take your blog and brand to entirely new levels.

BANNER - Build Relationships 03

Build Relationships

Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker
Start of Happiness

Build relationships with other bloggers.

Erik Emanuelli

Erik Emanuelli
No Passive Income

Always build relationships online with people of your market. Make connections and nurture real friendships.

Colton Parrett

Colton Parrett
Digital Time Freedom

Get grounded with the right examples, communities and information to allow your blogging efforts to contribute to your blog’s greatest version.

My best tip for a new blogger is to divide your time wisely.

Successful blogging is not all about pushing out a relentless amount of blog posts and content!

You need to be equally invested {maybe even more so} in building relationships and that takes time. Focus a significant amount of your time celebrating your peers, sharing their work, commenting on their posts, and just all around connecting with them in real ways.

Your relationships will take you a LOT farther than your blog posts.

Marius Kiniulis

Marius Kiniulis

Tip #1: Always outreach to other bloggers and make connections with them once you publish a new post.

For example, I was able to generate thousands of new visitors only because I was always featuring other bloggers in my blog posts and outreaching to let them know about it.

Tip #2: Always use an outreach tool to make outreach process a lot faster!

For example, I’m using Ninja Outreach tool because it helps to gather outreach prospects and outreach them 10x faster than usual.

On his contact page, John Rampton pointed the number one rule to building connections.

John Rampton - Contact Rules 02

Not everyone are as straightforward as John, but you get the point.

Brian Dean further explains how adding values to influencer’s blog by simply

  • Sharing their content
  • Replying to their questions on Social Media
  • Commenting on their blog
  • Pointing out broken links

can get them to promote your content for free (and build long-term relationships).

Sue Anne Dunlevie

Sue Anne Dunlevie
Successful Blogging

The biggest thing I didn’t do my first few months of blogging was to network with other bloggers.

Once I started doing blogger outreach regularly, my traffic doubled. I would recommend commenting on other blogs, connecting on social media and sending emails to other bloggers to get to know them.

Blogging is a contact sport. The more contacts we make as bloggers, the more opportunities open up for us — including connecting with new audiences.

Think of it as an 80/20 rule — spend 80% of your time on:

•    Participating in groups, forums and communities
•    Starting conversations on social media
•    Joining in on Twitter chats and Blabs
•    Sharing and commenting on other blogs
•    Guest posting or participating in roundups

Spend the remaining 20% on creating epic, detailed, actionable, relevant, and engaging content.

But if you call influencers up and say:

Hey, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods tomorrow. Want to meet me at a Starbucks for coffee for 45 minutes so I can pick your brain?

It’s not going to work.

In The Simple Favor That Wins You Powerful Friends Online, John Corcoran shows the better way to build relationships by being genuine and tactful.

Philip Verghese Ariel

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’

Visit fellow bloggers’ pages read well and express your genuine feedback, which grabs the attention of the author as well as the readers.

Do this on a daily basis, as much as you can. Make it to a minimum of 5-10 comments. If you can do more it is far better, that leads to build a good relationship. Remember, that should not be a one word or one line comment!

Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill
Donna Merrill Tribe

New bloggers always want to do something “different.” But readers want something “better” not different.

Even more, they want a personal connection with YOU.

Build relationships with people. Start by giving really meaningful replies to their comments on your blog, and comment likewise on theirs. This kind of engagement is far more important than any “information” you can give folks.

Tadeusz Szewczyk

Tadeusz Szewczyk

When you’re new and nobody knows you yet you have to find out who’s there already. I don’t just mean to employ “influencer outreach” etc. You have to contribute to your part of the blogosphere first. You need to hook up with peers at your level and form tribes of mutual support. You have to provide support to others first to earn their attention, gratitude and support.

No blog is an island. You’re not Robinson Crusoe.

When starting a blog you have to become part of the bigger blogging community in your area, niche or industry. Don’t assume that the world was just waiting for you and your blog but don’t underestimate the power of proactive support either. Don’t reach out with a hidden agenda or barter-like mindset (share my posts so I share yours). Support others selflessly first and then stay in touch with those who are supportive as well.

BANNER - Enjoy 02


Karl Staib

Karl Staib
Work Happy Now

Enjoy the challenge.

Henri Junttila 02

Henri Junttila
Wake Up Cloud

Follow what resonates with you. Follow what makes you come alive.

João Leitão

João Leitão
Nomad Revelations

Don’t blog for money. Blog for the pleasure of sharing your experiences.

John Rampton

John Rampton

Blog about something you’re passionate about or it won’t last for long! You’ve really got to enjoy it or you’ll quit when you realize it takes a while to make a living blogging.

Pick a niche that you would still be interested in even if you weren’t making money. Because building a blog is a long process you’re less likely to give up if it’s truly a niche you liked anyway.

Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly
Wording Well

Once you’ve figured out the logistics such as domain name and your main reasons (goals) for starting a blog, my best piece of advice is simply to blog from the heart and stay true to yourself.

Share personal information, too. Don’t be afraid to!

If you are blogging for business purposes, it’s best to incorporate stories from your real-life experiences in it so that your readers can better resonate with you. This tactic has been proven to work countless times!

Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey
The Blind Blogger

Be kind and loving to yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a deadline or make mistakes. We all make mistakes. The biggest secret is none of us know what we are doing some just learn faster than others. In closing I’ll tell you about my core belief.

It goes like this, I do what I can as well as I can today right this minute and then do it better or do more tomorrow. I hope this is helpful to the new bloggers reading this. Far too many wonderful talented people start blogs only to quit because they forget that this is supposed to be enjoyable.

It’s supposed to be freeing. After all, most people starting a blog do so to escape their “real job”.

If I can do anything to help any of you, just stop by my blog and send me a message.

BANNER - Stand Out 02

Stand Out

Larry Kim

Larry Kim
Mobile Monkey

Be a unicorn Unicorn Face - EmojiUnicorn Face - EmojiUnicorn Face - Emoji among a sea of donkeys Horse Face - EmojiHorse Face - EmojiHorse Face - Emoji.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson

You need to create content that is unique, high value, shareable and can be used as a reference for other sites to link back to yours.

This is the only way you will find success in the world of blogging, when you are fighting against 300 million other blogs.

Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie

If you can’t differentiate in a meaningful way from other bloggers, don’t even bother trying.

Millions of blogs fail for reasons as simple as giving up without really starting (most common), but the other more egregious error is to fail because you’ve created a “me too” blog.

If you haven’t done enough research to find a way to differentiate from your competition then your laziness in the beginning is what will cause your failure in the end.

My best advice is to create something that differentiates you from everyone else while providing as much value possible for your target audience and if you can do that you’ve got a much better chance at success.

In his New York Times Bestseller, Seth Godin has his own parable on standing out:

Cows, after you’ve seen them for a while, are boring. They may be perfect cows, cows with great personalities, cows lit by beautiful light, but they’re still boring.

A Purple Cow, though. Now that would be interesting. (For a while.)

It’s clear that even when our attention span is lower than that of a goldfish, we would still notice a cow that remarkable.

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers
Wood Egg

Edit down to only what’s surprising.

The internet doesn’t need more noise. We don’t need another list of 50 things to check out. If you tell me to check out 50 things, I will stop listening to you because I know you are just making noise, and don’t value my time.

We only learn when we’re surprised. If something is not surprising, if it just fits in with what we already know, then there was no need to hear it.

So if you edit your public messages down to only what’s surprising, people will pay attention. They will know you as someone who is worth listening to.

Ramsay Taplin

Ramsay Taplin
Blog Tyrant

You don’t need to be original, but you do need to find a way to make your brand and your service stand out from the rest.

In his Link Building Case Study, Brian Dean introduces the popular 3-steps link building strategy:

Step 1: Find link-worthy content
Step 2: Make something even better
Step 3: Reach out to the right people

When Brian saw the page that was ranking #1 for “Google Ranking Factors” has over 9k backlinks,

Link Building Case Study - Google Ranking Factors Backlinks

while it’s not even complete.

He saw his chance to create a more throughout, well designed and complete Google’s 200 Ranking Factors.

Brian Google 200 Ranking Factors

No surprise, it was a whooping success – aside from referring over 300,000 visitors to Backlinko, it increased his search traffic by 110% in 14 days.

Casandra Campbell

Casandra Campbell
Minimalist Marketing

Be obsessed with quality.

There is so much content on the web, in every niche. You need to find a way to stand out. The way I see it, there are two ways to stand out.

1.    Write about something new.
2.    Do it better.

Since most topics have been covered already, it’s a lot easier to just do it better. Better can mean going more in-depth on a topic, simplifying the topic, or even looking at it from a different angle. If you want to know what you’re up against, use a tool like Buzzsumo to find the most shared articles on your topic. Once you know what the most popular articles did, find a way to improve it.

Too many bloggers think they can get by with mediocre content, but it’s just not possible.

BANNER - Build a List 03

Build a List

Kate McCulley

Kate McCulley
Adventurous Kate

Start an email list today.

Adam Connell

Adam Connell
Blogging Wizard

Build a list & keep learning.

Start building your mailing list right from day one. Your mailing list will become your most valuable asset.

A responsive mailing list can provide you with a full time income. Once people know, like and trust you – they will buy from you – and they will do it over and over again.

Over and over you are told to build a list.


Let the results speak for themselves:

  • Over 90% of AppSumo’s 7 figure revenue comes from their emails.
  • 80-90% of Unbounce’s landing page traffic comes from email marketing.

Noah Kagan from AppSumo further reveals how his emails has over 24% Click Through Rate (CTR), 8 times more than Twitter.

Email marketing - Noah Kagan

However, Noah noted:

I’m not saying you must go use email over Twitter but I wanted to plant the seed for you to focus on effectiveness vs hype…

Let your email list be the centerpiece of your attention.

Start it from day one and continue to grow it on a consistent basis with things like guest posting, giveaways or creating content upgrades.

Then, once you have enough people on their list, keep up the conversation with them (by asking questions, setting up surveys, etc.), in order to learn more about them.

The goal of doing all this is to make your list engaged with your message and they can eventually become your customers, supporting you in what you do.

Start sharing useful content related to your blog on social media before you launch!

In your profiles, direct people to a “coming soon” page with an opt-in form to inform people of your launch. I had almost 100 subscribers this way by the time I launched my blog.

Carol Amato

Carol Amato

List building is the core of my business. Growing a list does not have to be a time and effort-consuming task if you plan your strategy.

You must develop a target audience plan. Who do you want to attract to your site?

When you know your target audience, it’s time to cast the net, but you can not provide everything for everyone.

Know your speciality and make a plan to attract the audience who will appreciate it most.

Learn to speak the language of your audience and know their pain points so you can help ease them.

Aside from

Alex Turnbull shared his incredible story of how building relationships with influencers got Groove over 1,000 subscribers in 24 hours.

How We Got 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours - Groove Alex Turnbull

BANNER - Promote 04


Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson

My best advice for new bloggers is to focus on their content PROMOTION more than their content CREATION.

What I mean by this is that you should focus on creating a few high quality pieces of content for your site, then focus only on promoting them. Don’t try to post content daily and expect to rank in the search results.

My best advice to new bloggers is to spend less time producing new content and more time promoting it and networking.

I see too many new bloggers knocking out 3-5 mediocre blogs posts per week with no active readers or followers. It makes no sense.

Jimmy Daly was well aware that even his 5,000 words epic post 20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails will not get the attention it deserves if all he did was hit the publish button.

20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails - Vero

Here’s how Jimmy actually promoted it;

  1. He announced it to his email list.
  2. Pinged his expert contributors.
  3. Pitched his guide to link roundups.
  4. Internally linked his new post to older ones (to increase Search Engine Optimization).
  5. Scheduled 20 tweets to promote each tip.
  6. Reached out to .edu sites (but didn’t hear back from them).
  7. Reached out to people he mentioned in the guide (and they shared it!)

Was it hard work? Listen to the man himself.

20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails - Jimmy talks

However when this single post landed his team 36,282 page views and 953 subscribers, it was definitely worth it.

Devesh Sharma

Devesh Sharma
Design Bombs

Publish less, focus more on marketing.

Don’t just publish content, focus on promoting every single blog post you write. It doesn’t matter how many epic posts you write per month, if you don’t promote them, you’re not going to generate any traffic.

And don’t give up. Most new bloggers give up before their blog reaches to the point of making money.

You might also like: Can You Build a Profitable Blog? 45 Statistics to Answer your Question

What’s next?

Hundreds of experts just gave you their best advice.

But advices are worthless if you don’t act on them…

What will you start doing now to improve your blog?

Also, remember to download this entire (over 9,000 words!) post as a PDF below to be inspired wherever you are.

108 Experts Ultimate Advice to New Bloggers - Download PDF 02

Graphics designed by the lovely Leticia Clouden

Anh Nguyen is a blogger and minimalist who's crazy about design and content quality. Learn more about him here, or connect with him on Twitter.

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    The good thing is that I know many of the bloggers here, and if they managed to create success for themselves, everyone can.


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    • Ha ha, I am so glad you enjoyed the article Brendan! It is certainly lengthy for sure. I just asked these awesome bloggers to contribute so there are not much researches involved.

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    • Anh Nguyen

      Wow, you made my day Philip. It helps a lot to imagine you are writing to an actual person, and much better if they are a real person. I’m happy to help in anyways!

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      Awesome, JP. I know you will do an awesome job!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      I’m happy you learned something new from the post, Chris!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      Awesome, Ogi! You don’t need to write constantly actually, a lot of studies have shown that we are having an excess of information. What really matters is how much value you give and how well you get the word out. All the best with your new blog. 😉

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      Thanks for the advice, Glenn. I hope you found the post useful. 🙂

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      Aw, Julian. Thank you, you are a voracious learner! I wish you all the best with your blog!

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    From knowing the audience, to research, to quality blog, to proper scheduling.

    Guess it will all come together and worth it in the end.

    See you around!!

    • Anh Nguyen

      Roopesh, I am thrilled to hear this hit home for you! I think the most important thing as a blogger is trial and error. Instead of focusing on the whole picture, just look at the next step you have to take. 😉 All the best!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      Aw Alblue, I am happy you find this article helpful. And yes, I asked them one by one – they were amazing people who took their time off to contribute. 🙂

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    • Awesome, Ashok. It’s a great pleasure to compile this list from great bloggers. Happy New Year!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      It’s certainly important to be in your audience’s shoes, Jan. You seem to be on the right track. Good luck with the blog!

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      Couldn’t agree with you more, Zhi Wei. All things worth having takes effort… just keep going forward!

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      Definitively, Rufat. Becoming successful isn’t easy – that’s why it’s so special, thanks for sharing!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      I am so happy to hear from you, Alex. I can certainly relate to what you say about how hard it is to be a successful blogger – I am also learning everyday.

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      Awesome, Christian. I am sure you are going the right way if you follow these guys! 😉

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      Thanks, TYP! I don’t think images content is a search engine ranking factor… yet though. 😛

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      Viljoen, glad you enjoyed the post! It’s great that you are back with your site, we all have some impatience within us after all. Just keep going!

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      Zhi Wei, so happy to hear from you! This article took me on a one month and a half ride actually. 😛

      I am flattered you want to hear more from me. To write great content, I believe you just need to be ambitious because we all have some great ideas in us. But not all great ideas are “great” though. What helps me to find on-demand topics to write about is by using the Skyscraper technique.

      Hope that help! I will write a more detailed take on this in the future.

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    • Anh Nguyen

      I am so happy to hear you learnt something from this post! It’s certainly fun to compile it and I am so grateful for all those who participated.

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      Thanks, Nancy.

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    But it’s so worthwhile, isn’t it?

    Thanks to all the others who pitched in here, too.


    • Donna, I believe it’s worthwhile when you can help so many through your content. Love your tip about being yourself and building relationships!

      P.S. Thanks so much for thinking of me for your training, I am baffled!

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    • Anh Nguyen

      I’m glad to hear, Sarah. K.M. Weiland definitively gave a simple but great tip!