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27 Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Design adds value faster than it adds cost.

… said software engineer and writer, Joel Spolsky. Nowadays, setting up a professional website only takes a few minutes. Even if your are not a programmer or web designer, you can still build your own website with WordPress.

And the best thing about this popular content management system (CMS) is you can find millions of premium themes at all sorts of price range to fit your needs.

But where do you find high-quality WordPress themes?

If that’s what you’re asking yourself, then this post is for you. Below, I’ve put together this list of over 25 best places to buy WordPress themes to give you and your online project a hand.


Top 5 best places to buy WordPress themes


ThemeForest - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

ThemeForest is one of the largest online theme marketplace with over 4,500 WordPress themes available to date, which is probably more than all of the themes on sale from each of the premium WordPress theme providers in this entire list, added together.

ThemeForest’s highlight features include:

  • Trusted by 1.5 million buyers and counting
  • 4,500 WordPress themes
  • $35 and $60 a theme
  • Quality, care, support

Quality: App themes, landing pages, magazine, blog themes, eCommerce, you name it. ThemeForest offers all types of themes under the sun. All of my themes are brought here, and this is no doubt my most recommended place to buy themes online.

That said, ThemeForest has it’s perks and losses. Being a user submitted site, some developers have complained about the quality of the code in some themes. However, in response to such criticism, as of September 2013, ThemeForest has issued new theme submission requirements, which goes a long way to addressing any quality concerns.

In my experience, it’s best to go for themes with a rating that are above 3 stars (★ ★ ★). It’s also worth checking the theme comments thread to see what other customers who have bought the theme, are saying. And if they are asking for help, is the author replying to them, how quickly?

Pricing: ThemeForest comes with pretty reasonable price, ranging from $35 and $60 a theme, depending on the functionality and design.

Visit ThemeForest    Get Hosting

MOJO Marketplace

MOJO Marketplace - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Also known as MOJO Themes, is a huge marketplace for premium themes and templates. MOJO Marketplace currently offers over 1,850 items – consisting of WordPress themes, plugins and much more.

MOJO Marketplace’s highlight features include:

  • Over 5,587k users
  • 7,411 selling items including themes, plugins and more
  • Offers free installations

Quality: However, with over 1,000 themes, it does possess an impressive number of themes in its own right. You can also download a handful of premium plugins from MOJO, with over 30 currently available.

As with ThemeForest, there are a number of headings to organize the themes and help you choose — including real estate, landing page, and restaurant themes. You can also sort the themes by release date, sales, and price.

When comparing the quality of the two marketplaces, there is little to choose between them. The standard at the top end is high, and I would say that there are fewer low-quality themes available on MOJO when compared with ThemeForest.

Pricing: Similar to ThemeForest, themes at the MOJO Marketplace starts from $16 to $58. The majority of good themes on MOJO cost around $49.

In addition to themes, for newer WordPress users who might struggle to get their theme up and running, MOJO also offer an installation service $49 for the theme installation alone, and $99 for the theme and WordPress. If you are concerned you won’t be able to get your theme to look anything like the demo, this is what you’re looking for.

Visit MOJO Marketplace    Get Hosting

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes offers an attractive theme collection of original WordPress themes. Elegant Themes’ sole mission is to your website a professional look, a perfect choice for small businesses and creative agencies.

Elegant Themes’ highlight features include:

  • Over 300k customers
  • 87 themes
  • Stellar Design
  • Additional feature-rich plugins
  • Unparalleled Support

Quality: Elegant Themes are fast, responsive and SEO optimized. that said they are not only about designs, they also come with powerful in-house designed shortcodes and plugins like social sharing and ad management. Elegant Themes also provides an easy to use option panel that helps you customize your themes without any hassles.

The best part about Elegant Themes is that they have their own forum for support. And usually it will only take a few hours before you hear from the team. Another nice add-on of Elegant Themes is that they are available for custom work, in case you want something made that’s outside the scope of regular support done.

Pricing: Elegant Themes come with an adorable price for all the themes the value offered, you’ll get full access to over 87 premium high-quality and professional themes for just $69 per year (this comes down to less than a dollar per theme).

Visit Elegant Themes    Get Hosting


StudioPress - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

StudioPress is one the top quality premium themes provider, popular among online marketers and bloggers. There is a reason why their Genesis Framework, is described as “the best of the best among WordPress premium frameworks” by Mashable.

StudioPress’ highlight features include:

  • Genesis Framework
  • Search engine optimization
  • Unlimited support, updates and more
  • Customizable and fast

Quality: The Genesis WordPress themes built by StudioPress are solidly coded with the latest HTML5 and CSS3. The theme framework is responsive, fast and search engine friendly. Popular sites like SmartPassiveIncome, QuickSprout and Problogger use Genesis framework.

If you’re looking for a theme with special out-of-the-box functionality, like an app theme or a directory theme, look elsewhere. But if you’re designing a website for a small business, your own portfolio, or if you’re a blogger, there is surely something for you at StudioPress.

The framework is also really easy to work with, fast, secure, and provides all the SEO options you could wish for. A super clean and sleek design overall.

Pricing: You can grab every StudioPress theme currently available, as well as every future theme, for $349.95. That’s a pretty huge saving of over $900. While StudioPress is one of the more expensive options, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Visit StudioPress    Get Hosting


MyThemeShop - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

MyThemeShop is a premium WordPress themes provider which offers quality premium themes at a reliable price.

MyThemeShop’s highlight features include:

  • Over 370k happy customers
  • Engaging and beautiful design
  • One-click update

Quality: All of Mythemeshop themes are fast, responsive, and search engine friendly. All themes has In-built control option panel which lets you customize your design easily. If you’re looking for a premium WordPress theme that stands out, go for Mythemeshop.

Pricing: You can get MyThemeShop themes for just $35 per theme.

Visit MyThemeShop    Get Hosting

Other providers


Thesis - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

DIYthemes or Thesis, is a popular theme provider trusted by numerous high-trafficked sites. Branding themselves as the ultimate design and template manager for WordPress, Thesis aims make building a beautiful website with WordPress a breeze.

DIYthemes’ highlight features include:

  • The easiest way to manage your designs
  • Total WordPress template control
  • Custom templates tailored to your WordPress installation
  • SEO optimized

Visit DIYthemes    Get Hosting


Themify - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Themify offers intuitive drag & drop WordPress themes that are easily customized without having to touch any codes: simply adjust a theme’s settings and styles through an easy to use options panel. Along with a range of original plugins from Themify themselves, you can be sure to create the site of your dreams.

Themify’s highlight features include:

  • Trusted by over 62k customers
  • Beautiful responsive WordPress themes
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Get All Themes for $79

Visit Themify    Get Hosting

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Theme Junkie is a quality premium WordPress themes provider that offers affordable premium WordPress themes. Theme Junkie themes are all responsive, SEO optimized and fast.

Theme Junkie’s highlight features include:

  • Trusted by 32k happy customers since 2009
  • Easy to Customise
  • Solid Code
  • 30 Day Refund Policy
  • Personal Support

Visit Theme Junkie    Get Hosting


ThemeFuse - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

ThemeFuse is a premium WordPress themes provider that offers quality themes at a cheap price. All of ThemeFuse themes meet quality standards of modern themes by being responsive, fast and SEO optimized. ThemeFuse themes comes with option panel which lets you customize your theme easily.

ThemeFuse’s highlight features include:

  • Eye-candy designs
  • Easy to customize
  • Try before you buy
  • Premium customer care

Visit ThemeFuse    Get Hosting


TeslaThemes - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

TeslaThemes provides quality Premium WordPress themes with ambitious and visual oriented designs. If you are running a small business, or wanting to showcase your next digital product then you’ll want to check TeslaThemes out.

TeslaThemes’ highlight features include:

  • 20k happy customers
  • 60 themes
  • $48 per themes

Visit TeslaThemes    Get Hosting


RichWP - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

RichWP is another WordPress themes provider which produces lean, fast and responsive WordPress themes. TeslaThemes can be easily customized with their easy to use option panel.

RichWP’s highlight features include:

  • Lean and fast responsive themes
  • Faster, and cost effective, results
  • A consumer centric approach

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WooCommerce - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Best known for their eCommerce themes, WooCommerce is some of the most highly-respected premium WordPress theme providers around. With their incredible range of functional themes, this is where you want to look if you’re creating an online shop.

WooCommerce’s highlight features include:

  • The most customizable eCommerce
  • Over 17,198k downloads
  • Powers over 37% of all online stores
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Visit WooCommerce    Get Hosting

Creative Market

Creative Market - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Creative Market offer a whole host of different items, not just WordPress themes but also photos, graphics, fonts and much much more, from over 5,500 independent creators.

Creative Market’s highlight features include:

  • Ready-to-use designs from 16k independent creators
  • Exclusive free goods

Visit Creative Market    Get Hosting

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Graph Paper Press is a WordPress theme provider specialized in offering minimalist WordPress themes for creatives, boasting over 50 great-looking themes, plus they also offer dozens of handy plugins as well.

Graph Paper Press’ highlight features include:

  • Trusted by over 297,000 users world-wide
  • Over 97% of customer support satisfaction
  • Trusted premium theme partner of

Visit Graph Paper Press    Get Hosting


EngineThemes - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

EngineThemes invites you to rediscover WordPress by offering a selection of simple yet powerful themes for a range of different online endeavors, such as forums, classified ad sites and directories.

EngineThemes’ highlight features include:

  • 8 awesome app themes and keep growing
  • Frontend control
  • Translation support

Visit EngineThemes    Get Hosting

Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

With over 40 very affordable premium WordPress themes (for a bunch of different type of sites from blogs, to portfolios, to business websites) available, Themes Kingdom is an up-and-coming theme shop with a lot to offer.

Themes Kingdom’s highlight features include:

  • Fully responsive WordPress designs
  • 100k happy customers
  • $30 per single theme, or $247 for all themes

Visit Themes Kingdom    Get Hosting

The Theme Foundry

The Theme Foundry - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Established since 2008, The Theme Foundry takes pride in offering secure, reliable WordPress themes that meet strict quality guidelines set out by themselves. Their themes are well-documented, often feature professional grade Typekit fonts are generally just about top-notch in every way.

The Theme Foundry’s highlight features include:

  • Professionally crafted WordPress themes
  • Easy to customize
  • Trusted by thousands
  • Expert support

Visit The Theme Foundry    Get Hosting


WPZoom - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Professional and impressive, WPZoom make beautiful, high-quality WordPress themes for businesses, publishers, freelancers, restaurants and more, with ease-of-use and fast support as their main standard.

WPZoom’s highlight features include:

  • High quality & functional WordPress themes
  • Easy to use
  • Real people, real support

Visit WPZoom    Get Hosting


WPCasa - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

A unique theme provider that, rather than simply offering standard WordPress themes, WPCasa chooses to specialize in providing professional real estate WordPress designs for their own specific WordPress theme framework.

WPCasa’s highlight features include:

  • Professional real estate WordPress designs
  • Powerful framework
  • Unique themes
  • Custom add-ons

Visit WPCasa    Get Hosting


ThemeJug - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Offering somewhere in the region of ten well-designed WordPress themes, ThemeJug cater primarily to creative individuals who wants to showcase their best works, and pride themselves on both simplicity and great support.

ThemeJug’s highlight features include:

  • Custom widgets
  • Throughout support
  • Easy to customize
  • Regular updates

Visit ThemeJug    Get Hosting

Organized Themes

Organized Themes - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Providing themes for non-profits, churches, businesses and restaurants, Organized Themes boast visually interesting and simple-to-use designs.

Organized Themes’ highlight features include:

  • Lifetime access to all themes for only $199
  • Customizable
  • Mobile ready
  • Amazing support

Visit Organized Themes    Get Hosting

Themes Awesome

Themes Awesome - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Setting themselves apart with “beautifully crafted themes with technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail”, Themes Awesome make a range of affordable and awesome WordPress themes.

Themes Awesome’s highlight features include:

  • Real time saver
  • Fresh and clean design
  • Dedicated support
  • Guarantee refund for 30 days

Visit Themes Awesome    Get Hosting


Obox - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Proving their design talents by their own beautiful website, Obox aims to provide the best-designed, most user-friendly WordPress themes money can buy, plus they also boast a dozen of handy plugins too.

Obox’s highlight features include:

  • 200k customers
  • Layers site builder
  • Useful plugins
  • 30 different WordPress themes from blogging to eCommerce

Visit Obox    Get Hosting


CR3ATIV - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Offering an impressive range of stylish WordPress themes (and also a few plugins), Cr3ative make themes with heaps of functionality while remaining bloat-free.

CR3ATIV’s highlight features include:

  • Beautiful WordPress themes
  • 27k customers
  • Plugins with beautiful code

Visit CR3ATIV    Get Hosting


Array - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Offering simple to setup and simple-to-use premium WordPress themes, Array cater to photographers, creative directors, bloggers, startups and everyone in between.

Array’s highlight features include:

  • Pixel-perfect WordPress themes
  • Smart and secure code
  • Easy to use

Visit Array    Get Hosting


Themetry - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for beautifully designed themes designed for specific purposes, Themetry is a great place to start. Themetry believe in decisions over options and strive for intuitive experiences for all users of their themes.

Themetry’s highlight features include:

  • Easy Installation
  • Extensive Frontend Support
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Customization Tutorials

Visit Themetry    Get Hosting


Press75 - Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

With the aim of simplifying the WordPress experience for all users, Press75 focuses on removing unnecessarily complicated options and frameworks, for a refined, simple solution.

Press75’s highlight features include:

  • Professionally designed WordPress themes
  • Clean and simple
  • Knowledgeable support
  • partner

Visit Press75    Get Hosting

Final words

There are hundreds of WordPress theme providers out there. While it gives you much more choices, it can also be overwhelming.

I hope this list helped you out, I recommend ThemeForest for starters for their vast theme collections and affordable prices.

All of my themes are purchased here. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more advanced design, StudioPress is a good choice. 🙂

Further reading:

Anh Nguyen is a blogger and minimalist who's crazy about design and content quality. Learn more about him here, or connect with him on Twitter.

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  1. In this article you have given the address of 27 best places to buy word press themes. I think Elegant Themes and StudioPress are awesome. If anyone will use it they will also agree with my words. So thanks for sharing your valuable ideas with us.

    • It’s my pleasure Puspendu! I agree, Elegant themes and StudioPress are definitively offers one of the best WordPress themes out there. 🙂

  2. georgetx1990

    Hey Anh,

    I enjoyed your guide to all these options I never knew existed. This gives some great criteria to put each against the other. I was wondering, do any of these sites give you a specific use for each theme? I find that it’s not completely a matter of opinion and that certain themes work better for particular purposes. The choices can be overwhelming to someone who’s new and some guidelines could help.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey there George,

      Yes a lot of themes are designed for specific purposes like blogging, magazine, shop and more. Although there are also some multipurpose themes as well.

      As for the guidelines to choose the best themes, my ultimate advice is to take note of the features you want (a single or double column layout, do you need eCommerce, a blog theme or news theme etc.) and the feel you are looking for (minimalism, funky, masculine or professional).

      I hope this helps!



  3. Keith

    Hey Anh
    Building my own site has lead me to search for days for WordPress themes. I really wish I had your article months ago.
    I did find StudioPress the best so far.
    Have you personally tried MyThemeShop? They seem quite reasonably priced.
    How often do you suggest changing your theme?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey there Keith, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! And yes, StudioPress is pretty top notch. I’ve not personally tried any themes from MyThemeShop, unfortunately. I’m loving their designs though. 🙂

      As for changing your themes, I don’t recommend to do it often. Find something that represents your brand then focus on your content.

      I hope this helps!



  4. Celeste

    This is a really great article. Thanks for the list. I’m constantly looking for new Wordress themes. It’s very difficult choosing one since there are so many really great looking themes out there. I love ThemeForest. I have bought themes from them before and they are great. Which of these places would you say offer the best customer support? When I’m buying a theme this would be an important thing to consider. Thanks again

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey there, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! As far as customer support goes, I’d say Elegant Themes and StudioPress are pretty awesome.

      I hope this helps!



  5. Derek Marshall

    Hi Anh,

    I’m a huge fan of your site and I am a self-confessed blogaholic! MTS is my go to for themes and plugins these days as they are incredibly well designed, light weight and optimised for search engines and mobile devices. Where appropriate optimised for adsense (not all themes are adsense optimised). All their themes are optimised for fast load speeds.

    Customer service is first class.

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hi Derek! Thanks for sharing your theme of choice, I would love to check it out but Google doesn’t show up anything, would you like to give me a link, maybe? 🙂

  6. Hey Anh,

    Elegant Themes was one of the first theme foundries to produce really versatile themes that could be transformed to work for a wide range of business purposes. Some of the themes produced by Elegant Themes have become standards of the internet and we’ll bump into them over and over. It’s still a pretty decent theme and the newer ones that Elegant Themes has been producing are even better.

    StudioPress was an early pioneer of the premium WordPress theme business. The framework is heavily reliant on a system of custom hooks and i appreciate child-themed templates.

    In all honesty, buying themes off ThemeForest is a mixed bag, and I don’t doubt that I’ll get some push-back for including them in this list. Here are the facts though there are some really great themes from awesome developers on ThemeForest, but they are mixed in with a ton of themes that might not fit our criteria. Eventually, thanks again for sharing much interesting facts regarding WP themes.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hey there Amar, I agree with you that Elegant Themes and StudioPress offers a more solid list of premium themes which is why they are on my top 5, more so than huge marketplaces like ThemeForest and the MOJO Marketplace. In the end, it lies heavily on what you are looking for in a theme, or framework at that. I personally like ThemeForest because of the diversity and I’m loving the themes and support I’ve gotten along the way.

      Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your opinions!

      Take care,

  7. Marcus

    $35 to $60 is not too bad for a good WordPress theme, especially when you consider how much you might have to pay to get a web designer to create a custom WordPress theme for you. On the other side, creating premium WordPress themes is probably a good way to make money. If you get a percentage of that $35 to $60, and lots of people buy your themes, you could make quite a lot of residual money long after you have actually done the work. Something to consider for anyone who is good at web design, maybe?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey there, Marcus. I like your ideas, thinking right away about how to profit from the business! 😀 That said, as an amateur coder and artist of sorts, I can attest that it’s harder than it looks to create something beautiful. I wouldn’t recommend that way unless you are passionate about the craft since it will take months and years to become a professional, not to mention the time it will take to establish yourself in the industry.

  8. isaac

    Hi Anh! This is an amazing collection of places to buy themes. I’m smitten with the MOJO as it looks to sell only premium themes.

    I’ve two questions in my mind buddy:

    1- I’m currently using Wealthy Affiliate to manage my websites. How can I use these themes? Are there any issues?

    2- The price of $30-$50 is yearly or one off?

    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey there Isaac, to answer your questions.

      1. Wealthy Affiliate is basically a WordPress hosting so what you need to do to apply a premium theme is the same as elsewhere. I’m also using WA as my hosting and have no problem installing themes. When you buy a theme, you’ll be given a downloadable file that you can upload onto your WordPress dashboard, it only takes 5 minutes. Here’s a great guide on how you can do it (just check the “Upload a theme you have already downloaded” section).

      2. It’s a one off. Basically that’s the price of the theme itself. 🙂

      I hope this helps! And all the best with your blog, feel free to let me know how it goes.



      • Isaac

        Hi Ahn. Thanks for your reply. I’m currently still considering whether to upgrade to a premium theme or not. I’ll be sure to check your site again when the time comes!

  9. jschicanha

    This is quite amazing, I have been trying to create my own website but in most cases it use to fail to the extent that I even lost hope but with this provided information, I got all the answer i have been searching for and I’m planning to create my website soon.




    • Anh Nguyen

      Hey Jose, I’m glad to hear you’re building your site soon. Good luck, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

  10. I’ve bought a few WooCommerce themes in the past when I was setting up online business sites for my friends. They are pretty customizable, down to the tiered shipping fees for weight differences.

    Themes Kingdom seems like an interesting place to check out too, considering there are not a lot of premium themes that go below $50.

    • Yes Edward, I think WooCommerce is the perfect choice for online sellers. What stood out to me about Themes Kingdom is their neat and minimal design. While I’ve seen quite a few themes that are around $35 – $40, Themes Kingdom surely offers quite a bit of value with their $30 a premium theme deal. If you do check them out, I’d love to hear what you think. 😉

  11. Hi Anh,
    Amazing collection!
    Need to check out for my further need,
    Surely come back to you for more clarification.
    Thanks for sharing,
    I am sharing it through my social media.
    Keep writing such useful posts.
    Have a great and profitable weekend
    ~ Phil

    • Hi Phil! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and of course feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 😉 You have an awesome weekend too!