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11 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A New Blog

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well.

If you are yet to start a blog, then this post could be a live safer.

Let’s face it:

Did you know 90% blogs fail?

It might be yours too.

Blogs can fail due to many reasons, and in this post, we will cover the top 11 mistakes you should avoid before starting a new blog.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017: Is it Worh It?

Use: Online marketing training
Review - 5 out of 5 stars
Can help build an online business.
Review - 4 out of 5 stars
Reasonable for service offered.
Ease of use
Review - 5 out of 5 stars
Intuitive user experience.
Review - 5 out of 5 stars
Prompt and devoted support.

   The active community.
   The numerous features.
   The state-of-art web host.


x   The courses can be overwhelming for beginners, the social network side may also be distracting.

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best community to learn online marketing I’ve found. But it’s certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are unable to commit, it’s no surprise that you’ll end up “failing”.

That’s the reason why I put together this monster review/ guide, to help you make the most of it and maybe even start an online business that pays the bill.

I’ve grown so much since the last time I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate.

And since 2017 is around the corner, there is no better time to update this review. This is the longest post I’ve ever written, and my aim is to be as throughout as possible on every aspects on this program to help you not only understand what it’s all about but also how to make the most of it. Continue reading…

Best Domain Name Registrars 2016 And 2017 - Cover

15 Best Domain Name Registrars for 2016 and 2017

A domain name can take your project to a whole new level.

And while it only takes 10 minutes to buy one, not all domain registrars are build the same. Before purchasing anything, it’s important to check if they have the key features such as

  • 24/7 technical support,
  • live chat facility,
  • security,
  • pricing and renewal rates.

There are various forms of services out there that offers domain name registration from a brand-new domain registration, domain marketplaces, to web hosting packages (a perfect choice if you are also looking to build a website).

Below, I’ve listed out all the best domain name registrar options to fit your needs.

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How To Buy A Web Domain Name - Cover

How To Buy A Web Domain Name For Your Website

A domain name is like your home address on the internet.

Even if you are not a company or organisation, so long as you have a website or blog, it’s always a great idea to get your get your domain name.

Like Bloggingthing.com, for example. 😀

Unlike having a Twitter or Facebook account, owning a domain name allows others to find you more easily. And giving you that much more authority in this online world. As podcaster Arianne Foulks puts it:

Have your own domain name even if you have other web presences.

Why a domain name?

Before we dive into the hows, let’s take a second to ponder the whys.

  • A domain name gives you credibility both as a business and as an individual. Well, most of us don’t ever want to work with folks at your-brand-name.wordpress.com, do we?
  • It’s that much easier to type into your browser than, say facebook.com /profile.php?id=5500957.
  • Best of all, brand new domain names only cost you $10 a year.

And if you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided on taking your online project to the next level.

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Best Keyword Research Tools 2017 - Cover

10 Best Keyword Research Tools For 2017

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO.

Kristi Hines said it best:

You can’t do anything until you have your target keywords set, and link building is useless if you haven’t optimized your pages for the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

While it’s possible to manually gather data from search engines alone to create a keyword research campaign, it can be very time consuming, not to mention that much harder to find the best untapped gems.

The good news is there are a bunch of tools out there to give you the boost. Below, I’d like to share with you 10 best keyword research tools for 2017.

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Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes - Cover

27 Best Places To Buy WordPress Themes

Design adds value faster than it adds cost.

… said software engineer and writer, Joel Spolsky. Nowadays, setting up a professional website only takes a few minutes. Even if your are not a programmer or web designer, you can still build your own website with WordPress.

And the best thing about this popular content management system (CMS) is you can find millions of premium themes at all sorts of price range to fit your needs.

But where do you find high-quality WordPress themes?

If that’s what you’re asking yourself, then this post is for you. Below, I’ve put together this list of over 25 best places to buy WordPress themes to give you and your online project a hand.

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Cheap WordPress Designs - Cover

35 Cheap WordPress Designs (Under $40)

Yes, there are gorgeous designs under $40.

When WordPress powers 25% of the whole internet, it’s no surprise that so many web designers come together to create a bunch of premium themes. And the best part is that they all come with the support and customizations to make sure you can create the website of your dreams.

Below, I’ve hand-picked the best SEO optimized and mobile-friendly cheap WordPress designs for you.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review - Cover

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories: 40 Marketers Share Their Experience

How do you know which make money online programs work?

Well, you won’t unless you actually give it a try, the same goes for Wealthy Affiliate. That said, what we can do is learn from others’ experiences and testimonials.

As an avid member myself, I’ve reached out to a few among our 600k community — to ask one question:

What did Wealthy Affiliate help you achieve?

That’s not the best part, yet.

Because I didn’t just ask what, but also how, specifically the number one lesson these awesome folks took from their successes.

I learned a lot from them. And I hope these Wealthy Affiliate success stories will also give you a good kick, and an idea on what it takes to achieve your goals. Not just with Wealthy Affiliate, but at building an online business in general. 😉

If you are considering Wealthy Affiliate, you can also read my review here.

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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers - Cover

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: 5 Tips To Monetize Your Blog

“I want to monetize my blog, but I don’t want to put ads on it.”

If this is you, then you’re the reason I wrote this post.

There are a whooping ten of million blogs worldwide. And 60 millions of them powered by WordPress alone, yet most bloggers didn’t monetize their blog.

Whether you want to make an extra from your hobby or build an online business, a good place to start is with affiliate marketing. In this post, I’d like to share everything I know about affiliate marketing as a blogger. Continue reading…